5 Health Benefits of Ash Gourd (Safed Petha) and How to Take It

5 Health Benefits of Ash Gourd (Safed Petha) and How to Take It:

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About Ash Gourd: - Ash gourd (Safed Petha) is called a winter melon and pumpkin in some areas, both are different type of foods. Its botanical name is Benincasa Hispida. Its easily found in various places of the world Such as not only in India but also China, Japan, etc. in most of the weather. Ash gourd is rich with nutritional and medicinal properties. This is very useful for the human body. It is a common vegetable. Indians know as a Petha.

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Cultivation, Harvesting and Diseases of Ash Gourd

Health Benefits of Ash Gourd- Safed Petha is another name for this vegetable as a white gourd. like winter melon and fuzzy melon. t It has many amazing healing properties and is highly nutritious. This vegetable is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals and is a good source of phosphorus, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine, vitamin-c and riboflavin.
This is ideal for weight loss because it has high water content.

1. Good For Digestion System- Ash Gourd is basic in nature, which helps in combating the formation of ulcers on the membranes stomach and intestine. This is very useful and helpful for Combat acidity due to spicy foods or fasting for a long time. Also, Ash gourd helps us clear away all the harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestine by acting as an anti-microbial agent.
2. Ash Gourd For Weight Loss- Ash Gourd has a lot of nutrients and 96% has water so this is a very good conscious for weight. If you are looking to lose weight, then the best alternative to calorie-rich foods is Ash gourd juice or stew this Ash gourd.
3. Helps Stop Bleeding- Ash gourd is a natural anti-Coagulant and thereby helps control bleeding. This vegetable works wonders for internal bleeding. It is taken regularly it helps stop nose bleeds that occur commonly in the summer season. It also helps to with that condition's like haematuria, bleeding throw ulcers, piles, and other such internal bleeds that can be stopped by consuming Ash gourd juice.


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4. Helps Fight Mental Illnesses- Ash gourd helps deal with mental illnesses as it acts

as a natural sedative. It has a calming effect on the nerves and the brain. And therefore, it is used to alleviate conditions related to the nervous system such as epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, neurosis, and paranoia. Ash Gourds juice in a day can help deal with all the stress that the day has to give us and to keep us calm.
5. Ash Gourds For Face & Hairs- Ash gourd is very useful for our skin and for our hairs. We wouldn't expect it of Ash gourd, but it has Cosmetic use as well. When the juice is applied onto the skin along with lemon juice or as a part of any other face pack, it is also known for removing dark spots on the skin and bring a natural glow to the skin.

Ash Gourd juice is also useful for hairs. This is very beneficial for our hairs, Ash gourd juice is one of the best and lasting remedies for dandruff. If we use Ash gourd with coconut oil for our hair, add ground seeds of best results for smooth to and long healthy hairs.
Also, the Ash gourd is a cornerstone for Ayurvedic medicines. It has a plethora of medicinal uses which has several health advantages. Ash gourd very useful Such as treatment of asthma and other lung diseases.

How to Take Ash Gourd
1. Ash Gourd or Safed Petha Juice - we can take Ash gourd by juice; we can make a juice of Ash gourd. Ash gourd has more quantity of water so we can cut the  Ash gourd and mix salt and sugar Both are giving the good test in a juice, now blender in a mixture jar and we can use to do drink like juice.

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Delicious Recipes of Ash Gourd to Try at Home

2. Ash Gourd or Safed Petha Raita-  Ash gourd raita is too good for us.
Great Ash gourd and mix with plain yoghurt add lemon or lime juice, salt, black pepper and a Sprinkling of roasted Cumin Seeds and now ready to eat Raita of Ash gourd.
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3. Ash Gourd Halwa - Ash gourds halwa is also very tasteful and it is very beneficial for us. This halwa is a very sticky treat containing the positive pyranic and healthful ash gourd. Daily Consumption of Ash gourd greatly enhances one's intellectual capabilities.

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