Is it Possible to Live Without Smartphone/ Mobile Phones?

Life Without Smartphones
Modern Lives Without Smartphones

In the present era, if anyone asks you to go a day without using a smartphone or mobile phone, we will laugh at them because smartphones and mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use our smartphones all day, whether we talk to the people around us or not.

We have now become overly dependent on mobile phones/smartphones because all these small and sleek devices are multi-functional gadgets that assist us in our daily tasks. Currently, mobile phones/smartphones can send information and pictures, use the web and emails, play music and games, and much more. In short, smartphones or mobile phones are small computers that you can carry around in your pockets. We never imagined that mobile phones would have so many innovative capabilities and characteristics. These small devices have grown to be an essential component of our daily lives.

In today's world, it is impossible to avoid smartphones or live without a smartphone or mobile phone entirely because there are some tasks or activities, we need to perform on a daily basis that requires the use of smartphones/mobile phones.

So, what are our options? We can't stop using smartphones for obvious reasons, but we can choose when to use them and when not to. We can gradually reduce our screen time or use our smartphones as little as possible on weekends. Or we can practice "Smartphone Fasting," which is one day a week when we don't use the internet on our smartphones and instead use them as feature phones.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Life Without a Smartphone/ Mobile Phone: 

Advantages of Living Without a Smartphone/ Mobile Phones: 
  • Youths will not expose themselves to harmful substances.
  • People will begin to live in reality rather than a fabricated social media world.
  • As per mental health recommendations, one of the key problems is smartphone addiction, and the only way to address this are to prevent repeated use of mobile phones.
  • Excessive mobile use can result in issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as an influence on the user's thinking level. And if we don't have smartphones, the problem will be mitigated.
  • People will begin physically connecting with one another rather than virtually. This will strengthen their bond.
  • Phones have turned into a source of distraction. People's concentration and patience will improve if we live without phones.
  • People's Fear of Missing Out will decrease if they live without their phones.
Disadvantages of Living Without a Smartphone/ Mobile Phone: 
  • The majority of our tasks are entirely dependent on the smartphone, and if the phone stops working, we will face a slew of difficulties.
  • Phones are assisting in the evolution of society, and folks are becoming smarter as a result of smartphones.
  • Many businesses, including Google, Amazon, Zomato, Paytm, Byjus, and many others, rely heavily on smartphones. If phones are prohibited, these companies will cease operations, and millions of people will lose their jobs.
  • Many times, smartphones save lives during medical emergencies. Specifically, during the Covid- 19-second wave, when the entire country of India is experiencing an acute shortage of oxygen. Many individuals and organizations exchange information about oxygen and bed availability, which helps save countless people's lives. If we don't have a smartphone at the time, we will be in difficult situations.
  • Smartphones have boosted the appeal of terms such as online education and work from home. We know that these items will remain on the market whether or not the smartphone is present. However, without mobile phones, they will be unable to easily contact us.
  • Life without a mobile phone will cut us off from our loved ones who live far away.
Can it be Possible to Live Without Your Smartphone?

No! It is impossible for us to live without our phones. The reason for this is that simple phones have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. And it's perfectly fine to use technology's potential for growth. The main issue that needs to be addressed is the use of the phone. To this day, nearly 95% of users do not fully realize the potential of their mobile devices; instead, they use them as a means of passing the time.

There are numerous stories on the internet that demonstrate how an individual accomplishes achievement using smartphones. So, we can't prevent smartphones. The reason is simple: they will not be usable and will have an impact on a variety of industries. Instead of imagining life without a phone, we should consider how to improve our lives with a mobile.

This device does more than just allow you to use social media, watch videos, and play games. It may serve as a teacher, a business platform, a guide, or a variety of other things depending on the situation. Simply put, we need to understand how to use phones for productive purposes; otherwise, a phone used for unproductive purposes is a waste of time.
Why Can't We Live Without Smartphones/Mobile Phones?

In past studies, 76 college students aged 18 to 22 were given three hours without food and two hours without access to their smartphones. Following that, the students have been more inclined to use their mobile phones rather than following a 100-calorie diet! They suggest a clarification as to why people are so attracted to their smartphones, despite the fact that devices take us away from the present time in our close relations.

In the latest Pew Research Centre study, scientists have suggested why we're easily distracted by our social networking sites even when we're seated in a mindful dialogue with someone. Here are what scientific studies say "why we can't live without our smartphones" -

Almost half of all adults said they "really cannot live without" their smartphone.

"The charm of a smartphone is linked to the very old modules in the nervous system that was essential to our continued existence, and self-disclosure and responsiveness are central to the ways we connect with others.

According to research groups, we have depended on close relationships with small networks of family and friends for survival as individual people and as a species throughout human evolution.

These connections were built on trust and cooperation, which they described as occurring when people reveal personal information about themselves and are responsive to others.
Why Mobile Phones/ Smartphones are Harmful in Our Life?

Smartphones are great. They provide immediate access to information, communication, and documentation. Healthy behaviors can be encouraged and tracked using health apps. GPS tracking can assist parents in keeping their children safe. In an emergency, dialing the emergency helpline number can save your life.

However, there are some obvious drawbacks to mobile phone usage:

The most prominent example is distracted driving, which leads to car accidents, but as a new study shows, cell phone use can also cause other injuries. Concerns have also been raised about the possibility of a link between mobile phone use and upper back and neck pain, as well as an increased likelihood of cancer (more active research is needed for this claim).

Although there isn't any conclusive evidence that smartphones have such a long-term negative impact on brain function, health professionals are worried that excessive use may be harmful, particularly to children whose brains are still developing.

The more time you spend staring at a screen, the less time you have to interact with others in person. This makes it more difficult to form emotional bonds and deep relationships, both of which are essential to mental wellness and community health. Depression can result from a lack of face-to-face interaction. Specialists are also particularly worried that excessive social media use, particularly among adolescents, can result in depression and anxiety.
How Many Hours of Smartphone Use is Considered Harmful to Our Health?

An average user uses their smartphone around 5-7 Hours daily, which is considered harmful. Some other facts about using mobile phones -
  • Every day, the average smartphone user unlocks his\her phone 150 times.
  • Longer periods of mobile phone use alter brain chemistry.
  • Sixty-six percent of the world's population suffers from nomophobia (Nomophobia is the fear of not having a mobile phone. Simply put, it's the fear of being without your phone.).
  • 71% sleep with or near their phone.
  • There is a link between mobile phone use and depression.
  • 65% of the world's population use their mobile phones while using the restroom.
  • 20% of people would rather go a week without shoes than put down their phones.
  • In 2022, the number of hours spent on smartphones increased by 39%.

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Valerie Schmarje Jul 19, 2023

I don't have a smart phone or a mobile phone. I have a computer, house phone and an ipad. The computer is for news, writing, shopping, emails, etc. When I'm on the phone, I listen to what the other person is saying instead of walking around getting distracted. The ipad is for Facetime with my children. It stays on the table in the family room. If I'm here, I answer it. I love the ad at the bottom of this article...Free phones for seniors!

Matthew Wilford Jul 30, 2023

I do not have a phone at all. I do not have any form of social media. I have a computer. I ditched the phone stuff about two years ago, and enjoy life much more. Life is much better without a phone. I also happen to be a in my thirties, so I am not some technophobe grandpa. I just took a look at the degradation of social skills and situational awareness around me and decided that I couldn't be like that. Enjoy staring at a screen for the rest of your life, I will enjoy the real world.


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