Jalore Mahotsav 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Grand Festival of Jalore

Jalore Mahotsav 2023

जालोर महोत्सव 2023 के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Schedule for the Celebration of Jalore Festival 2023 at Various Places in Jalore:

  1. Events and Competitions in Jalore Mahotsav 2023
  2. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Ahore
  3. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Bagra
  4. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Bhadrajun
  5. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Bhinmal
  6. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Raniwada
  7. Schedule of Jalore Festival 2023 in Saanchor
Jalore Mahotsav 2023:

Jalore, Rajasthan, is all set to celebrate its annual celebration from February 15, 2023. There will be much to enjoy, including delicious cuisine and adventures. The 3-days event will be an excellent combination of Rajasthani heritage, customs, and culture.

Jalore is a district in Rajasthan State. Jalore used to be known as Jaabalipur in ancient times because it used to be Maharishi Jabali's Tapobhoomi. Jalore lies at the foothills of Swarnagiri or Kanchanagiri, a beautiful mountain of Aravalli. Legends state that the Jalore word is derived from two words - Jaal and Lor. Jaal refers to a tree that is abundant in this area and Lor signifies the border. As per legends, combining these two words Jalore got its name.

Located south of Sukri, a tributary of the Luni River, Jalore is a historic district of Rajasthan. Prior to independence, it was one of the largest princely states. Jalore used to rank after Chittorgarh as the princely state of Rajasthan. In western Rajasthan, it was one of the most important princely states.
When will Jalore Mahotsav 2023 (Jalore Festival 2023) be celebrated? And Aim of Jalore Mahotsav 2023?

This year Jalore Mahotsav will be celebrated from February 15 to 17. The Jalore Festival (Jalore Mahotsav) will be organized jointly by the Tourism Department, the District Administration of Jalore, and the Jalore Development Committee. The three-day Jalore Festival 2023 will take place from February 15 to 17.

Jalore Mahotsav will be celebrated with immense splendor in district headquarters, Bhinmal, Sanchore, Ahore, Sayla, Jaswantpura, Raniwara, Chitalwana, Bargaon, Ramsin, and all panchayats.

According to Jalore Development Committee Secretary Mohan Parashar, the major goal of the Jalore Mahotsav this year is to preserve the district's heritage, culture, history, and customs while also establishing a new identity at the international and national levels.
Brief information about the programs to be held during the Jalore Mahotsav 2023:
Mr. Nishant Jain, Collector of Jalore District, urged to ensure maximum participation of the general public in the Jalore Mahotsav program, as well as residents of the district to joyfully celebrate Jalore Mahotsav at the District, Block, and Panchayat levels.

According to Administration Coordinator Hitesh Prajapat, a variety of entertainment events like sports, cultural, art, culture, and a shopping fair during the three-day Jalore Festival will take place.

This year's Jalore festival also features the district's traditional foods like Laddoos of Sanchore, Rabri of Ahor, Lapsi, Kair Sangri, and more. Similarly, outlets relating to dhoti-kurta, safa, and numerous cultural outfits and women's clothes will be put up at the festival, and so will beautiful performances by bands from several schools in the district.
Jalore Mahotsav Celebration 2023
Sanchore's horse race and Bagoda's Desert Safari will serve as the major attraction, as they are each year. During this celebration, Pattu from Sanchore, Jootis from Bhinmal, Harji's Horses, and Leta's Khesle will showcase local handmade artwork. During the Jalore festival, there will also be a book fair.
Events and Competitions in Jalore Mahotsav 2023:

Kabaddi, Volleyball, Sataulia, Kho-Kho, and tug-of-war activities will be organized in different sporting tournaments to be conducted during the Jalore Mahotsav, towards which youngsters can apply from February 5 to 11 at Government Higher Secondary School Rajendra Nagar Jalore and the Stadium premises office.

Applications and auditions for the same Senior and Junior Solo Singing Competition, Senior and Junior Solo Dance Competition, Group Dance, Mr and Miss Galore, Chiktrala Competition Senior and Junior Category, Mehandi Competition, Sundar Shishu (age up to 2 years) and Fancy Dress (age 2 to 7 years) will begin on Thursday, February 2.
Name of Sport Age Limit Category
Volleyball No Age Limit Male
Kabaddi Above 15 Years  Male/ Female
Kho-Kho Above 15 Years Male/ Female
  • Junior Team Between 11 to 15 Years 
  • Senior Team Above 15 Years
Male/ Female
Tug of War No Age Limit Male/ Female
  • 8 to 18 Years
  • Above 18 Years
  • No Age Limit
  • No Age Limit
  • Male Junior Single/Double
  • Male Senior Single/Double
  • Female Single/Double 
  • Mix Doubles

जालोर महोत्सव 2023 के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Program Schedule of Jalore Mahotsav 2023:

 Day & Date: Tuesday; 14 February 2023

Programs: Lighting of Lamps and Fireworks in the evening.

 Day & Date: Wednesday; 15 February 2023

Programs: A procession from Hanuman Shala School to the Jalore stadium will take place in the morning, followed by the "Kumar Vishwas Night" program at 7.00 PM  at Stadium Campus, Jalore in the evening.

 Day & Date: Thursday; 16 February 2023

Programs: "Run for Jalore" at 8 a.m., then a performance by Shabnam Virmani  at 7.00 PM, and a Live performance by Kabir Cafe in the evening at 8.30 PM at Stadium Campus Jalore.

 Day & Date: Friday; 17 February 2023

Programs: In the evening Kavi Sammelan.

 Day & Date: Saturday; 18 February 2023

Programs: A Musical Night by Euphony Band, Mumbai at 7.30 PM, at Stadium Campus Jalore.
The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Ahore is as follows -

Festival Venue: Government Higher Secondary School, Sports Ground, Ahore

Mega Trade Fair from 15 February

Date: 15 February 2023
8.30 am - Sarvadharma Prayer (Maa Chamunda Chowk)
9.00 am - Grand Shobha Yatra (Band Party, Horses, Camel, Camel Carriage, D.J., Kalash Yatra, Mickey Mouse, Kutchi Ghodi Dance, Ring Dance, Soldiers, Congregation, Lala-Lali, 11 feet tall man, various tableaus, traditional colorful costumes, etc.)
10.00 am - Opening Ceremony, Flag Hoisting
11.00 am - Human Chain (Khel Maidan, Ahore)
11.15 am - Beauty Contest Miss and Mr. Ahore, Moomal Ahore, Perfect Couple Ahore
12.00 noon - Gair Nritya, Band Playing, Chang Playing, and Singing Competition
12.30 pm - Lur Dance and Matka Race (Women's Category) Competition
1.00 pm - Safa Tying Competition
07.00 pm - Fancy Dress Competition (Girls / Boys Category 5 to 10 Years)
7.00 pm - Solo Song and Group Song Competition (Junior and Senior)
8.00 pm - Presentation by Folk Artist (Jogbhartiji and other artists)

Date: 16 February 2023
8.00 am - Run for Ahor (Marathon Race) (from Chamunda Mataji Temple to Hospital Tiraha)
8.30 am - Cycle Rally (from Chamunda Mataji Temple to Jodhpur Tiraha)
9.15 am - 100-meter Race Competition
10.00 am - Kabaddi (Senior Men)
10.00 am - Volleyball Competition
11.00 am - Satoliya Competition
11.00 am - Kho-Kho Competition
11.15 am - Chess and Carrom Competition
4.00 pm - Tug of War (Men)
5.00 pm - Musical Chair (Students/Girls and Women/Men)
5.15 pm - Jalebi Race
5.30 pm - Slow Cycling
7.30 pm - Solo Dance and Group Dance Competition (Women / Men)
9.00 pm - Folk Artist Performance

Date: 17 February 2023
10.00 am - Horse Racing Competition
10.00 am - Rangoli Competition
11.00 am - Mandana Competition
12.00 noon - Mehendi Competition
12.30 am - Poster Competition
4.00 pm - Bhamashah Samman, Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony
7.00 pm - Performance by Folk Artist, Puppet Show, International Magician, Firework Show

The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Bagra is as follows -

Festival Venue: Government Higher Secondary School, Sports Ground, Bagra

16 February 2023: Rangoli Competition, Mehandi Competition, Cultural Competition, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Satolia, Tug of War
The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Bhadrajun is as follows -

Festival Venue: Opposite Petrol Pump (ground), Main Market, Bhadrajun Dhani
Date: 15 February 2023

9.00 am - Grand Shobha Yatra and Tableau (in traditional costumes from Ramdevra Temple to the venue via the main market)
10.30 am - Opening Ceremony and Flag Hoisting
  • Solo Song and Group Song Competition
  • Gair Nritya, Band Playing, Chang Playing, and Singing Competition
  • Loor Dance (Women's Category)
  • Matka Dance Competition
  • Solo Dance, Dhol dance
  • Cultural Program (Boys & Girls Category)
Date: 16 February 2023
7.00 am - Yogasan (Saraswati School premises)
8.00 am - Run for Bhadrajun (marathon run) (from Saraswati School to Norva Marg)
Other Events at the Venue -
  • Kabaddi, Satolia Competition, Kho-Kho, and Rangoli Competition
  • Key attractions: Magical Performance by Mangal Jadugar
  • Cultural Program (Boys & Girls Category)
  • Tug of War (Villagers vs Administration)
4.00 pm - Bhamashah Samman, Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony
The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Bhinmal is as follows -

Date: 14 February 2023

7.00 pm - Deepdan and fireworks (Magh Chowk)

Date: 15 February 2023
9.00 am - Procession and Tableaux (Magh Chowk to Shivraj Stadium)
10.30 am - Inaugural Session (Shivraj Stadium)
11.00 am - Competitions for children - Spoon Race, Slow Cycling, Musical Chair and Sports Competitions - Kabaddi, Volleyball, Badminton, Satolia (Shivraj Stadium) 
7.00 pm - Musical Nights with Manzoor Khan and Party Khatu Sapera (Shivraj Stadium)

Date: 16 February 2023
7.00 am - Yoga Demonstration (School Campus, Court Road)
8.30 am - Run for Jalore (Magh Chowk to Shivraj Stadium)
9.00 am - Athletics Competition - 400m Men's Category, 100m Women's Category, 100m Senior Citizen (Shivraj Stadium)
10.30 am - Administration vs Citizen Tug of War Competition (Shivraj Stadium)
2.30 pm - Seminar on the Relevance of Great Poet Magha and Mathematician Brahmagupta (Govt. Girls. Higher Sec. School Magh Colony)
4.30 pm - Rangoli Competition (Magh Chowk)
7.30 pm - Mr. and Miss Bhinmal and Cultural Program (Shivraj Stadium)
4.00 pm - Horse Race Competition (Near Shri Neelkanth Mahadev Temple)
The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Raniwada is as follows -

Festival Venue: Government Higher Secondary School's Sports Ground, Opposite Government Hospital, Raniwada, Jalore

Date: 15 February 2023
8.30 am - Shobha Yatra and Tableau
10.00 am - Flag Hoisting
10.30 am - Honoring Senior Citizens (Women and Men)
11.00 am - Honoring Senior Citizen Couples
11.30 am - Musical Chair, Rangoli, Mehandi, Painting, Pyramid, Kabaddi, Satoliya, Jalebi, Rumal Jhapatta, Spoon Race
2.00 pm - Cultural Program
8.00 pm - Performance by Local Folk Artist, and Famous Magician from Mumbai
Date: 16 February 2023

8.30 am - Run for Jalore
9.30 am - Honoring Parents
10.00 am - Competitions: Safa Tying, Quiz (Know Our Jalore), Coconut Bursting, Coconut Throwing, Miss & Mr. Raniwada, Kho-Kho, Matka Daud, Women's Cricket,
8.00 pm - Performance by Rajasthani Folk Artists (Performance by Neeta Nayak)
Date: 17 February 2023

9.00 am - Salad Competition, Cooking Competition, Matki Phod Competition, Tug of War Competition, Cute Baby Competition, Fancy Costumes
4.00 pm - Vishal Ghumar, Kanuda Garbi Rural Dance Competition
5.00 pm - Closing ceremony and Prize Distribution and Bhamashah Samman
The Program Schedule for Jalore Festival 2023 in Sanchore is as follows -

Festival Venue: Smriti Van, Narmada Colony, Sanchore
Date: 15 February 2023
  • Welcome Rangoli
  • Shobha Yatra
  • Sports Competition
  • Deepdan (Narmadghat)
Date: 16 February 2023
  • Yoga
  • Run for Sanchore
  • Horse Racing
  • Rangoli and Matka Race
  • Tarang Sanchore
Date: 17 February 2023
  • Miss and Mr. Sanchore
  • Mehandi Competition
  • Tug of War
  • Kavi Sammelan
  • Closing Ceremony
Hotels to Stay at Jalore During Jalore Mahotsav2023:

Hotel Geetco: Opp. New Bus Stand, Bagora Road, Jalore (Rajasthan)

Hotel Mansarover: Near New Bus Stand, Bagora Road, Jalore (Rajasthan)

Hotel Taanu: Indrapuri Colony, Bagora Road, Jalore (Rajasthan)

Hotel Vijay Vihar: RIICO 3rd Phase, Bhinmal Road, Jalore (Rajasthan)

Vijay Indiana Paradise Restaurant & Café: Opposite Govt. Girls Hostel, Near 132KV. GSS, Jalore (Rajasthan)

Vijay Paradise: Opp. Govt. Girls Hostel, Near 132 KV GSS, Jalore (Rajasthan)
Nearby Attractions and Places to Visit During Jalore Mahotsav:

Swarnagiri /Jalore Fort: Swarnagiri fort is located in Jalore city. Swarnagiri (Sonalgarh) fort, located at a height of 1250 feet, has an expanse of 800 yards long and 400 yards wide and is reached via steps that travel through Charpol. In 1288 AD, Allauddin Khilji besieged this fort.

Sundelaav Talab (Pond): The city's historical Sundelaav pond is an old pond. This pond is a popular tourist attraction in Jalore.

Jalore's Artillery (Topkhana): A great Sanskrit school and temple from the eighth century, also recognized as Sanskrit Kanthabharan Pathshala, is located in the city. Earlier, Jodhpur state's cannons were placed here, thus its name changed to Topkhana afterward.

Sire Mandir, Jalore: The Sire Mandir is a Shiva temple (as a form of Jaliendra Nath). Situated near the Jalore fort in the Kalashacal hills. The worship site is located atop Kalashacal hills at a height of 646 meters.

Sundha Mata Temple: Sundha Mata Temple is located at an elevation of 1220 meters on the Sundha Mountain of the Aravalli range, at which a rope-way is erected for visitors, and where the head of Goddess Chamunda Devi is worshipped; it is regarded as a highly sacred place for worshippers, according to popular belief. Chamunda Mata's head is said to be worshipped on Sundha Parvat, Dhad Kotda, and her feet on Sundela Parvat (Jalore). Sundhamata Temple is located 105 kilometers from the administrative headquarters and 35 kilometers from Bhinmal.

Lohiyanagarh, Jaswantpura: The fort was built on the slopes of Jaswantpura, where Maharana Pratap had stayed after the Haldi Ghati battle.

Varahshyam Temple Bhinmal: The ancient Varahashyam temple is located in the middle of Bhinmal town, and the male-varah statue is a 7-foot-high idol sculpted of Jaisalmer's yellow stone. It is said that this temple is the oldest temple in the Jalore area.

Shiva Temple of Sewada, Raniwada: The Pataleshwar Shiva temple, built in the 10th century and located in Sevada village on the road to Ranivada Sanchore, is in Jombhagnavesh condition.

Ashapuri Mata Temple, Modran: The statue in this temple is around a thousand years old and was offered by a devotee from Kheralu village in North Gujarat.

Bhadrajuna or Subhadra-Arjuna: 54 kilometers away from the district. The town of Bhadrajun, located on the Jodhpur route, was the marriage location for the Arjuna and Subhadra. The old fort on this site was constructed during the Mahabharata era and remains in excellent shape.

Bear Sanctuary, Jaswantpura: Sundha Mountain near Jaswantpura has a 1200-hectare restricted forest area for bear protection, featuring roughly 40 bears wandering around.
How to Reach Jalore:

 By Road: Jalore is quite well linked by road to the major of Rajasthan's cities. The following are some of the important road distances:

Jaipur: 405 km; Jodhpur: 142 km; Udaipur: 200 km; Barmer: 160 km; Jaisalmer: 320 km; Sirohi: 70 km

 By Train: Jalore is easily accessible by train from major cities like Jodhpur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. The Bhagat Ki Koti Express, Jodhpur Bhildi Passenger, Dadar Bikaner Express, Jodhpur Gandhidham Express, and Barmer Yaswantpur Express are all important trains that stop here.

 By Air: Nearest Airport to Jalore is Jodhpur Civil Airport which is 145 KM away.

Note: If you are planning on to attend the Jalore Mahotsav 2023 then Please "Follow the Corona Guidelines".

Source of the Image and content: Jalore Mahotsav Official Website, Jalore Mahotsav Social Media Pages, Zee Rajasthan.

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Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. The artist details can be found under the "Program Schedule of Jalore Mahotsav 2023" heading. We're trying to confirm the guest list, so we will update this as soon as we confirm it. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Please contact for more information to Shri Laxman Singh Sankhla (Coordinator, Jalore Festival 2023) Mobile No. - 8104074770. Since we are not sure about this, so you can contact to above mentioned number for further information.


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