Thar Mahotsav 2023: Things to Know About Barmer's Desert Festival

Thar Mahotsav and Rajasthan Sanskrit Mahotsav 2023
About Barmer District:

Barmer is one of Rajasthan's largest districts, covering an area of 28,387 square kilometers. It is located in the western part of the state and includes a portion of the Thar Desert. This district is bordered to the north by Jaisalmer and to the south by Jalore. Its eastern border is formed by Pali and Jodhpur, and its western border is shared with Pakistan.

This district, which is partly desert, has a wide range of temperatures. Summer temperatures can reach 51 °C, while winter temperatures can drop to 0 °C. The Luni River is the longest in the Barmer district. After nearly 500 kilometers, it passes through Jalore and merges with the marshy land of Rann of Kutch.

This area, which was once a camel trade route, is rich in crafts such as wood carving, pottery, embroidery, and ajrak prints. Several festivals are held in Barmer, the most important of which is the Mallinath Cattle festival, which is held in Tilwara village in memory of Rawal Mallinath, the founder of Mallani Pargana. Thar Mahotsav is another festival that is widely celebrated in the Barmer district.
Thar Mahotsav 2023

Barmer is well-known for its Thar festival, which is organized annually by the district administration and tourism department. It is planned for people from all over the country. The festival is organized to highlight Barmer's local art and craft tradition. This festival was founded in 1986 in order to boost the district's tourism potential. The three-day festival includes cultural programs such as folk dance, a folk music festival, and a craft exhibition.
When is Thar Mahotsav and Rajasthan Sanskriti Mahotsav 2023?

The Thar Festival is held every year. This year Thar Festival and Rajasthan Sanskriti Mahotsav will be celebrated from March 18 to March 20, aims to promote tourism in the Barmer district through Thar art and culture. This year, preparations for the district administration are underway. On Saturday, Lok Bandhu, the Collector of Barmer District, unveiled the Thar Festival poster.

The district administration has also released the Thar Mahotsav poster, which will be available starting March 18. Among those in attendance were District Collector Lokbandhu Yadav, Additional District Collector Surendra Singh Purohit, Thar Shri Vijay Garg, Thar Sundari Chanchal Jangid, and Padamshree Anwar Khan.
Thar Mahotsav and Rajasthan Sanskriti Mahotsav 2023 Program Schedule:

The Thar Mahotsav is held in Barmer to showcase Rajasthan's art, heritage, and culture to the rest of the world. The Thar Festival will be held this year from March 18 to March 20. The program will begin on March 18 at 8 a.m. with a Shobha Yatra from Gandhi Chowk in Barmer city, according to District Collector Lokbandhu Yadav. Following that, at 10 a.m., a Camel Tattoo Show and interesting matches will take place at Adarsh Stadium. There will also be grandfather-grandson races, husband-wife races, Panihari, Matka races, Rassa Kassi, and Safa Bandhna competitions in addition to the Thar Sundari-Thar Shree competition.

On the same day, the Tilwara Cattle Fair will begin at 1 PM. At Tilwara Cattle Fair the horse race will be the main event. The Virat Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan will begin at 5 PM, followed by a Gair-dance performance by local artists. Dr. Kumar Vishwas and other renowned poets will recite their works at the Kavi Sammelan.
Thar Mahotsav and Rajasthan Sanskriti Mahotsav 2023 Complete Program Schedule-

Programs on March 18th, 2023:

 Time: 08.00 AM

 Program - Shobha Yatra from Gandhi Chauk

 Time: 10.00 AM

 Program: Camel Tatoo Shoe and Other Sporting Events

Thar Sundari and Thar Shree, Grand Father and Grand Son Race, Husband and Wife Race, Panihari Mataka Race, Rassa-Kassi, and Saafa Baandho (Turban Tieing) Competition

 Venue - Adarsh Stadium, Barmer

 Time: 01.00 PM

 Program: Inauguration of Tilwara Pashu Mela

 Time: 05.00 PM

 Program: Cultural Events such as Gair-Dance Performance, Performances by Local Artists, and other events

 Time: 09.00 PM

 Program: Virat Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan - Dr. Kumar Vishwas and Other Renowned Poets

 Venue: Adarsh Stadium, Barmer

Programs on March 19th, 2023:

 Time: 09.00 AM

 Program - Cultural Competitions (Mandna, Rangoli, Mehndi, Rumaal Jhappata) and Handicraft Mela

 Time: 11.00 AM

 Program: Yuva Sanwad

 Time: 12.00 PM

 Program: Jaayko Rajasthan Ro

 Time: 05.00 PM

 Program: Cultural Events

 Venue: Adarsh Stadium, Barmer

 Time: 07.00 PM

 Program: Musical Night at Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium, Balotra, and Cultural Program and Bhajan Sandhya at Chauhtan, Shiv

Programs on March 20th, 2023:

 Time: 06.00 AM

 Program - 6 KM Marathon Race from Chauhtan Chauraha to Circuit House

 Time: 04.00 PM

 Program: Horse Race at Tilwara Animal Fair Balotra

 Time: 05.30 PM

 Program: Dhol Vadan and Camel Adornment (Shringaar) Competition

 Venue: Mahabaar

 Time: 06.30 PM

 Program: Grand Cultural Evening by Padmashree Anwar Khan and Local Folk Artists and Well-Known Cultural Dance Troupes from Across the Country

 Venue: Mahabaar’s Sand Dunes
Nearby Attractions and Places to Visit in Barmer:

If you are planning to attend Thar Mahotsav and Rajasthan Sanskriti Mahotsav 2023, then here is the list of some of the major attractions and tourist places of Barmer that you must visit -

Sand Dunes of Mahabar, Barmer: The Mahabar Sand Dunes remain one of Barmer's lesser-known tourist attractions. The expanse of the Barmer Sand Dunes is extremely wonderful as the Sam Sand Dunes and will undoubtedly captivate you. The Mahabar Sand Dunes are accessible via the Barmer-Ahmedabad Road.

The road is passable by car, and getting to Mahabar Sand Dunes is not difficult. The sand dunes provide an ideal escape from the city because they are peaceful, less congested, and have yet to be explored in comparison to other locations. Visit Mahabar Sand Dunes for breathtaking sunrise and sunset views and an unbelievable experience.

Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple: This shrine is renowned for its majestic sculptures and stunning ornamental paintings. The temple's interior also has extensive glass inlay work. Shri Nemaji Jivaji Bohra built the temple in the 16th century, and it sits atop a hillock in the western part of Barmer.

Safed Akhara: Safed Akhara, also recognized as the Sideshwara Mahadev Temple, is a temple with a garden situated on the way to the Mahabar Sand Dunes. The temple complex contains holy sites for Lord Shiva, Krishna and Radha, and Lord Hanuman, among others.

The temple gardens are large, and there are many peacocks wandering around in their splendor and beauty. The temple complex also provides visitors with temporary lodging. Another tourist attraction that is frequently overlooked by visitors is the Safed Akhara. Visit the Akhara to relax in its tranquil garden, far from the noise and bustle of the city.

Juna Fort & Temple: Juna is old Barmer; it was the main city built by Bar Rao, but during Rawat Bhima's rule, Barmer was relocated to where it is now, and Juna continues to remain as ruins of its glorious past and old legacy. It is located 25 kilometers from Barmer and is famous for its Jain temple and old fort. It was built in the 12th or 13th century, as per inscriptions on a stone pillar near the temple. Juna is encircled by hills and a small lake.

Temple Rani Bhatiyani: Rani Bhatiyani Temple is situated in Jasol. She is notably revered by the Manganiar bard community because she is said to have given a Manganiar a divine vision. Many people call this goddess Majisa, or Mother, and sing songs in her honor. According to legend, the goddess was once a Rajput princess named Swarup before becoming a goddess.

The Vishnu Temple: The Vishnu temple, situated in Khed, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Barmer. Although the temple is in disrepair, it is still a work of art with a grand aura surrounding it. The markets surrounding this temple are well-known shopping attractions in Barmer.

Shri Nakoda Jain Temple: This temple was built in the third century and has been renovated several times. In the 13th century, Alamshah invaded and ransacked this temple but failed to steal the idol because it was obscured in a village a few miles away. In the 15th century, the idol was returned, and the temple was renovated.

The Temples of Kiradu: The Kiradu Temples are five temples located 35 kilometers from Barmer in a town near the Thar Desert. These temples have extraordinary and marvelous sculptures and are known for their Solanki style of architecture. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Someshvara temple is the most impressive of the five.
How to Reach Barmer to attend Thar Mahotsav 2023:

 By Air: The closest airport is in Jodhpur, about 220 kilometers from Barmer.

 By Road: Government and private buses connect Barmer town to the majority of the state's cities, including Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

 By Train: The railway station in Barmer is well connected to Jodhpur, which is well linked to other major cities in India.

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