World Tourism Day: History, Theme, Significance and Wishes

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1. When is World Tourism Day Celebrated?

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September. 5 years after UNWTO was established in 1970, the date marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Organization's Statutes.

2. History of World Tourism Day

A UNWTO General Assembly resolution was passed in September 1979 (Torremolinos, Spain) establishing World Tourism Day with effect from 1980. These dates were selected to coincide with a historic date in world tourism: the first anniversary of the UNWTO Statutes, which took effect on 27 September 1970. There is no better time for World Tourism Day than after the high season in the northern hemisphere and before the beginning of the season in the southern hemisphere.

3. What is the Importance of World Tourism Day?

It has become crucial for people to comprehend their cultural differences in this time when each nation occasionally engages in conflict with another. Visits and interaction between people are necessary for this to be possible.
  • Tourism includes a significant amount of both financial and technological exchange.
  • For locals in tourist areas, it generates a large number of jobs in many fields.
  • Happiness is what it brings, first and foremost. Do not ask me to describe how you feel when you go on a weekend getaway with your loved ones.
  • It is advantageous to travel within a single country as well as between countries.
  • Above all else that one can learn through going, knowledge is the most important thing.
  • Only by physically being in a location can one recognises issues and provide workable solutions for them.
  • In order to maintain goodwill, especially in politics, travel is also vital.
4. Significance of World Tourism Day

A massive economic and social impact has been observed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both developing countries and developed countries have been impacted. Especially vulnerable groups and marginalized groups suffer the most. Recovery and economic growth will be boosted by the return of tourism. We need to make sure that the benefits from these changes are shared fairly.

Travel and exploration are universal human desires, so we must ensure tourism is available to all. In addition, tourism must be accessible to everyone, with its abundant social and economic benefits. It is World Tourism Day, with the theme 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth'.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has designated World Tourism Day as a day devoted to promoting tourism for inclusive growth. Seeing tourism statistics through not only a larger lens, but acknowledging the people behind every number, is an opportunity. Observers and businesses from all over the world are invited to celebrate the unique ability of tourism to ensure that no one is left behind since the global economy is starting to open again and look forward.

This global observance day celebrated annually on 27 September, educates about the powerful contribution that tourism can make to achieving SDGs and promotes the benefits of tourism on social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental levels. Through this day, we acknowledge our commitment that, as tourism grows, all levels of the broad and varied sector will benefit from the growth, from the biggest airlines to the smallest family businesses.

5. Theme of World Tourism Day

Tourism Day 2022 Theme: Rethinking Tourism (Host Country: Indonesia) The theme for World Tourism Day this year is focusing on the future. The UNWTO will highlight the opportunity to rethink how we do tourism as the sector's recovery begins and builds on unprecedented political and public recognition. From governments and businesses to local communities, we all must commit to improving the sector's sustainability, inclusiveness, and resilience by putting people and the planet first.

World Tourism Day 2021 Theme: Tourism for Inclusive Growth (Host Country: Ivory Coast)

World Tourism Day 2020 Theme: Tourism and Rural Development (Host Country: Argentina, Brazil and Member associate)

World Tourism Day 2019 Theme: Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All (Host Country: India)

World Tourism Day 2018 Theme: Sustainability and Digital Transformation in Tourism (Host Country: Hungary)

World Tourism Day 2017 Theme: International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (Host Country: Qatar)

World Tourism Day 2016 Theme: Promoting Universal Accessibility (Host Country: Thailand)

World Tourism Day 2015 Theme: 1 billion Tourists 1 billion Opportunities (Host Country: Burkina Faso)

World Tourism Day 2014 Theme: Tourism and Community Development (Host Country: Mexico)

World Tourism Day 2013: Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future (Host Country: Maldives)

World Tourism Day 2012 Theme: Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development (Host Country: Spain)

6. What We Can Do on Tourism Day?

Numerous activities are held on this day by organizations and tourism departments. Tourism Day is observed in different ways throughout the world.
  • For the purpose of educating society about the value of tourism and its importance, several levels of speeches and events are conducted.
  • Many museums and historic sites are accessible to us.
  • Additionally, we can explore mother nature's offerings or take in the peculiar environment.
  • On this day, a number of competitions are organized, including those for poster creation and photography as well as essay writing.
7. What are the Benefits of Tourism?
  • Employment prospects, the promotion of regional arts and crafts, and environmental management are all facilitated by tourism.
  • We may generate foreign income by advocating for our nation on a global scale. In terms of the nation's development, it is essential.
  • Exploring the world is made possible through tourism.
  • Restaurants, tour operators, and locals all rely on tourism for their livelihood.
  • We have time to enjoy nature's sounds thanks to tourism. Moreover, it brings happiness and allows for quality time.
  • Through travel, we can explore various cultures and meet new individuals.
  • Since 2000, subjects relating to travel and tourism have been taught.
  • In underdeveloped nations, tourism lowers the amount of poverty.
8. Quotes and Wishes for World Tourism Day
  • Travelling is a method to balance imagination with reality and to see things as they are, and therefore not imagine them in some other way. - Samuel Johnson
  • Travelling is the only thing I can do without getting fatigued.
  • Our initial impressions about foreign countries are often false, but as soon as we travel, we find out that they all lied.
  • Travelling and touring places gives us a great deal of joy that nothing else can match.
  • Our destinations are the journeys. - Dan Eldon
  • A huge part of our economy is the travel and tourism industry. - Karen Hughes
  • You should put in the effort so you can travel to all the places you have ever dreamed of visiting.
  • Visiting dream destinations is an essential part of life that everyone should take the time to perform.
  • When you travel, your sense of adventure never goes away.
  • Those planning a holiday with their loved ones can only reveal the childlike excitement in them.
  • It's impossible to find anything more exciting than being a foreigner in a foreign country; almost everything about the place excites me. - Bill Bryson.
  • Ride the bumps without worrying about them. You should focus on where you want to go.
  • The mind is renewed by travel and changing locations. - Seneca
  • Some people live off of tourism but can't afford to travel, many still dream about travelling.
  • Whenever a place is visited, it grows and becomes more prosperous.
  • Leaving the comfort of your home makes you a better person.
  • There is no healing like travel for the deepest of wounds or rejuvenation for the soul.
  • Everybody should have been born with a bunch of tickets to the most amazing places.

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