26 JEE Main/ AIEEE Topic- wise Solved Papers (14 Offline+ 12 Online) - NCERT Format(Paperback)

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About the Book26 JEE Main/ AIEEE Topic-wise Solved Papers (14 Offline + 12 Online) - NCERT Format- Topic-wise Solved Papers are the most important resources must for every student for 3 reasons:1. They show what types of questions have been asked in the actual exam- knowledge/ understanding/ application/ analytical; theoretical/ numerical; Simple MCQ/ Assertion-Reason/ Passage based MCQ/ Matching MCQ/ Picture based/ Statement based MCQ.2. They show the trend of the paper over the past years- helps in understanding the examiner's psyche to understand what to expect and what not to expect in the exam.3. To spot the most important and least important topics for the exam- the number of questions asked from each topic in the various years.- The book 26 JEE Main/ AIEEE Topic-wise Solved Papers is the MEGA preparatory material as it provides you the exact level/ trend/ pattern of questions asked on each topic in the ONLINE & OFFLINE mode of the examination from 2002 to 2014. - The book contains 12 years of past AIEEE (2002-12 including the AIEEE 2011 RESCHEDULED paper) Solved Papers held offline, 4 AIEEE 2012 papers held ONLINE, JEE Main 2013 & 2014 papers held offline and 8 JEE Main 2013 & 2014 papers held ONLINE. - The book has been divided into 3 parts - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. - The book follows the latest NCERT Format. Each subject is distributed into around 28, 31 and 27 topics each, exactly following the chapter sequence of the NCERT books of class 11 and 12. Thus making it 86 chapters/ topics in all. - Each Chapter/ Topic provides questions pertaining to all the concepts related to it from 2002 to 2014 exams. - A total of 26 Question Papers (14 Offline also including the AIEEE 2011 RESCHEDULED paper + 12 Online) have been distributed into these topics. - The questions in each topic are immediately followed by their detailed solutions. The book is FULLY SOLVED and constitutes around 3000 most important MCQs. - The students need to use this book right from the beginning of his/ her preparation. Whenever you study a topic, solve the previous year questions on that topic so as to exactly find out the requirement of the exam and your preparedness. - The strength of the book lies in the originality of its question papers and Errorless Solutions.Table of ContentsTable of Contents:Book 1 - Physics1. Physical World, Unit and Measurement2. Motion in a Straight Line3. Motion in a Plane4. Laws of Motion5. Work, Energy and Power6. System of Particles and Rotational Motion7. Gravitation8. Mechanical Properties of Solids9. Mechanical Properties of Fluids10. Thermal Properties of Matter11. Thermodynamics12. Kinetic Theory13. Oscillations14. Waves15. Electric Charges and Fields16. Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance17. Current Electricity18. Moving Charges and Magnetism19. Magnetism and Matter20. Electromagnetic Induction21. Alternating Current22. Electromagnetic Waves23. Ray Optics and Optical Instrument24. Wave Optics25. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter26. Atoms27. Nuclei28. Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices, Simple Circuits and Communication SystemBook 2 - Chemistry1. Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Arithmetic, Volumetric Analysis2. Atomic Structure3. Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties4. Chemical Bonding5. States of Matter6. Chemical Energetics & Thermochemistry7. Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium8. Redox Reaction9. Hydrogen10. s - Block Elements11. p - Block Elements : Group 13 and 1412. Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles & Techniques13. Hydrocarbons14. Environmental Chemistry15. Solid State16. Solutions17. Electro Chemistry18. Chemical Kinetics19. Surface Chemistry20. Metallurgy21. p - Block Elements : Group 15, 16, 17 and 1822. The d and f-Block Elements23. Coordination Compounds24. Halogen Derivativs25. Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers26. Carbonyl Compounds, Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids27. Amines28. Biomolecules29. Polymers30. Chemistry in Everyday Life31. Nuclear ChemistryBook 3 - Mathematics1. Sets, Relations & functions2. Trigonometric functions3. Principle of mathematical induction 4. Complex numbers & quadratic equations5. Linear inequalities6. Permutations & combinations7. Binomial theorem8. Sequence & series9. Straight lines10. Conic sections11. Introduction to 3-dimensional Geometry12. Limits & derivatives13. Mathematical Reasoning14. Statistics15. Basic Probability 16. Relations & Functions17. Inverse Trigonometric Functions18. Matrices 19. Determinants20. Continuity & Differentiability21. Application Of Derivatives22. Integrals23. Application Of Integrals24. Differential Equation25. Vector Algebra26. Three Dimensional Geometry27. Advanced Probability


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