37 Years' Solved Papers iit- Jee: Physics(Paperback)

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About the Book 37 Years Solved Papers IIT - JEE Physics, a Cengage Learning Exam Crack Series, is a chapter-wise compilation of questions from all the previous IIT entrance examinations (1978 - 2014). The book offers the students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the nature and level of complexity of questions asked in IIT entrance examinations.The book has been divided into five broad sections - Mechanics I, Mechanics II, Properties of Matter and Waves & Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism and Optics & Modern Physics. Each chapter is a compilation of questions that have featured in the IIT entrance examinations through 1978 to 2014. Solutions to all the questions have been provided at the end of each chapter for the benefit of the students.Table of Contents Section A: Mechanics I1. Units, Dimensions and Errors2. Kinematics3. Laws of MotionSection B: Mechanics II4. Work, Power and Energy5. Momentum and Impulse6. Rotational MotionSection C: Properties of Matter and Waves and Thermodynamics7. Gravitation8. Simple Harmonic Motion9. Properties of Matter10. Waves11. Heat and ThermodynamicsSection D: Optics12. Geometrical Optics13. Wave OpticsSection E: Electricity and Magnetism14. Current Electricity15. Electrostatics16. Magnetics17. Electromagnetic InductionSection F: Modern Physics18. Photoelectric Effect19. Atomic Physics20. Nuclear PhysicsAppendix


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