BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technolog & Science Aptitude Test) Includes Mock Tests(Paperback)

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About The BookContentsABOUT BITSAT SYLLABUSMATHEMATICSAlgebraTrigonometryTwo-Dimensional Coordinate GeometryThree-Dimensional Coordinate GeometryDifferential CalculusIntegral CalculusDifferential EquationsProbabilityVectorStatisticsLinear ProgrammingPHYSICSUnits and MeasurementKinematicsNewton's Laws of MotionImpulse and MomentumWork and EnergyRotational MotionGravitationMechanics of Solids and FluidsOscillationsWavesHeat and ThermodynamicsElectrostaticsCurrent ElectricityMagnetic Effect of CurrentElectromagnetic InductionOpticsModern PhysicsCHEMISTRYStates of MatterAtomic StructureChemical BondingThermodynamicsPhysical and Chemical EquilibriaElectro ChemistryChemical KineticsHydrogen and s-block Elementsp-d- and f-block ElementsPrinciples of Organic Chemistry and HydrocarbonsStereochemistryOrganic Compounds with Functional GroupsContaining Oxygen and Nitrogen13. Biological and Industrial Chemistry14. Theoretical Principles of Experimental ChemistryENGLISH PROFICIENCY AND LOGICAL REASONINGGRAMMAR1. Agreement, Time and Tense2. Pronouns3. Preposition and Modals4. Adjectives5. Voice6. Transformation7. Question Tags and Phrasal VerbVOCABULARY1. Synonyms2. Antonyms3. One Word Substitution4. Jumbled Letter5. Homophones6. Spelling7. AnalogyREADING COMPREHENSION1. Reading Comprehension2. Idioms and PhrasesCOMPOSITION1. Rearrangement2. Paragraph UnityVERBAL REASONING1. Introduction2. Series Completion3. AnalogyNON-VERBAL REASONING1. Introduction2. Series3. Pattern Perception4. Figure Formation and Analysis5. Paper Cutting6. Figure Matrix7. Rule Detection8. Chart LogicPREVIOUS YEAR PAPERMOCK TEST 1MOCK TEST 2MOCK TEST 3


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