Challenger Physics for JEE Main & Advanced with past 5 years Solved Papers ebook(Paperback)

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About The BookDO NOT BUY THESE BOOKS IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ROUTINE PROBLEMS.The new edition of the Disha's BESTSELLER ""Challenger Physics for JEE Main & Advanced"" is the best problem book available. The book is empowered with 2012-16 Solved Papers ebook which can be accessed online through access code provided in the form of Scratch Card in the book. The book has been specially designed to improve your Comprehension and Analytical Skills.The book contains chapter-wise collection of Most Challenging Questions that will challenge you and put you ahead of the competition. The questions, in each chapter, have been divided into following 6 varieties. MCQ's with one correct option MCQ's with more than one correct option Comprehension/Passage based Questions AssertionReason based questions Integer Answer Questions. Matching based QuestionsIt is the only book with special focus on the NEW PATTERN OF JEE. The book has been aligned as per NCERT books which make it very easy to prepare for JEE for Class XI & XII students. The book is divided into 17 chapters and contains 3000+ Challenging Problems for JEE divided into 6 varieties based on the new pattern. The book provides detailed solution of each and every question. The book is highly popular among the student and teacher fraternity as a lot of similar problems have appeared in the various JEE Main/ AIEEE and JEE Advanced/ IIT-JEE exams.It is our confidence that if a student solves this book thoroughly he/ she would cover 100% concepts that may be asked in the future JEE Main/ Advanced exams.TABLE OF CONTENTS1. General Physics (Units, Dimensions, Errors & General Experiments) 2. Motion in One And Two Dimensions 3. Laws of Motion 4. Work, Power, Energy & Conservation Laws 5. Circular & Rotational Dynamics 6. Gravitation 7. Properties of Matter & Fluid Mechanics 8. Simple Harmonic Motion 9. Waves 10. Heat and Thermodynamics 11. Electrostatics 12. Current Electricity 13. Magnetic Effect of Current 14. Electromagnetic Induction & Ac Current 15. Ray Optics 16. Wave Optics 17. Modern Physics Ebook - 2012-16 Solved Papers 2012 JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Solved Paper 2013 JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Solved Paper 2014 JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Solved Paper 2015 JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Solved Paper 2016 JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Solved Paper 2012 JEE Main Solved Paper 2013 JEE Main Solved Paper 2014 JEE Main Solved Paper 2015 JEE Main Solved Paper 2016 JEE Main Solved Paper


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