Columbia 1000 Words You Must Know for TOEFL: Book Two with Answers(Paperback)

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TO THE STUDENT The shortest and best way of learning a language is to know the roots of it, that is, those original primitive words from which other words are formed. -- Lord Chesterfield Columbia 1000 Words You Must Know for TOEFL presents 1000 most frequently tested words for TOEFL. You will find 100 vocabulary-building lessons in Books 1 - 3. Each lesson contains 10 new words and they are first presented to you with Memory Tips; next, New Words are listed in rhyming memory groups and followed by Sample Sentences; the last part of the lesson are Sentence Completion and Definition Matching practice tests with answers. One of the most outstanding features of this book is that each new word is repeated at least five times in a lesson so that you will have a much better chance to memorize it more easily. Columbia 1000 Words You Must Know for TOEFL is designed to help you master all the absolutely essential TOEFL words using our most effective memory method: A Roots and Rhyming Memory Approach. Let's take the word "aberration" for example and see how this exciting new memory method can help you find the shortest and best way to memorize new words and build a large vocabulary: 1. MEMORY TIPS: Memorizing words with the help of Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes. ioncondition or action; as aberration, ration, inflation, temptation, abbreviation 2. NEW WORDS: New Words are arranged in rhyming groups for easy memory. aberration, ration, inflation, temptation, abbreviation ABERRATION n. departure from what is right or true rhyming sound -ation 3. SAMPLE SENTENCES: Sample Sentences are given to help you memorize words in context. This complexity is not an aberration or something to be wished away, it is the new reality. 4. SENTENCE COMPLETION: Sentence Completion is designed to help you memorize words through tests. The patient's only _____________ was a temporary lapse of memory.(aberration) 5. DEFINITION MATCHING: Definition Matching is designed to help you memorize words through repetition. departure from what is right or true _________________________ (aberration) In this example, the repeated appearance of the word "aberration" in the lesson makes it easy for you to memorize. Therefore you can see that only by repeated practice or reinforcement of a new word under different circumstances can you really memorize it so unconsciously that you will never forget. Human memory, like the unconscious, is structured like a language. Once you have memorized a new word, it will stay in your unconscious and become part of yourself. Whenever you need it, it will come to you automatically just like the flowers coming in the spring: it is natural Columbia 1000 Words You Must Know for TOEFL is both a self-help book and a textbook for classroom use. It is the only vocabulary book you will ever need to master the most often tested words on the TOEFL. If you can spend about 25 minutes a day with this book, you will definitely help yourself expand your vocabulary, build up your word power, and raise your score on the TOEFL. CONTENTS Units 1 jocund, refund, rotund, moribund, rubicund laborious, pernicious, avaricious, inauspicious, prejudicious Unit 2 lacerate, advocate, consolidate, intimidate, precipitate lambent, nascent, imminent, penitent, pertinent Unit 3 lampoon, lagoon, monsoon, platoon, tycoon largess, digress, duress, obsess, transgress Unit 4 legion, fusion, precision, profusion, introversion lucrative, abortive, conducive, cumulative, diminutive Unit 5 lull, dull, gull, null, skull lurid, rid, acrid, forbid, rigid ....


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