CSAT (IAS Prelims) 2016 Simplified (Past 21 yr Papers+ General Knowledge YearBook)(Paperback)

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About The BookCSAT (IAS Prelims) 2016 Simplified (Past 21 yr Papers + Comprehension + General Issues)-a set of 2 books-'21 Years IAS Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2015)' and 'The Mega YEARBOOK 2016'. The CSAT paper clearly requires an aspirant to have very good General Knowledge/ Awareness, good Comprehension, good Quantitative Reasoning and good Problem Solving skills. Book 1: Disha's BESTSELLER "21 Years IAS Prelims (CSAT) General Studies Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2015)" consists of past years solved papers of the General Studies Paper 1 & 2 distributed into 53 topics. The book has been divided into 8 broad UNITS, which have been further divided into the 53 topics. Although the book contains 37 chapters, certain chapters like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Trends in Science & Technology are further divided into topics. The strength of the book lies in the Errorless DETAILED Solutions. The book is 100% useful for both the General Studies papers (1 and 2) of the Prelims/ CSAT. The Mental Ability part of the past GS papers has been covered in the Unit "Mental Ability & Management Ability" and will be useful for Paper 2. Book 2: In the age of technology, we are swimming in an ocean of information-digital information, printed information-but who to trust and who will serve the quality. Disha's The MEGA Year Book 2016 is heralded as one of the most authoritative and comprehensive compendiums of high-quality reference materials on all subjects-Current Affairs, Panorama, Geography, History, Polity, Economy, Finance, General Science, Environment, Art & Culture, Sports, Healthcare, Education & Career, English Language and many more. The MEGA Year Book 2016 has been designed to cater to aspirants of various competitive exams like Civil services, Banks, Railways, UPSC and PSC exams and Quiz Competition across the country. It equally serves teachers, researchers, media persons, planners, avid readers and laymen. The book is equally useful for school students who want to increase their knowledge/ awareness. The book has a very vast coverage and covers everything and anything related to current affairs general knowledge. The book can be divided into 2 broad parts: Part A-Current Affairs; Part B-General Knowledge Current Affairs contains Latest Articles, India Timelines, World Timelines, Top 500 People, Events, Ideas and Issues, Emerging Trends, INDIA-SWOT, Cause & Effects, Unanswered Questions, Coming Up 2016 etc. General Knowledge contains India Panorama, World Panorama, Most Famous People of All Time, Geography, History, Polity, Economy, Business, General Science, Ecology and Environment, Art & Culture, Sports, Healthcare, Communication, News & Media, Education & Career, IT & Computers, English Language, General Aptitude, Technology, FUN ZONE, etc. Single Book Multiple Features:The India-SWOT Analysis-covers the social, political & economic aspects. Fun Zone-which covers Scramble, Brain Teasers, Maths Fun, Crosswords, Mail Cartoon, Twitter Tweets, Amazing Facts etc. Timeline 2015-covering the timeline of important dates from Jan-Dec 2015 of India and the World. Top 500-covering the Top 500 People, Events, Ideas and Issues that raised their head in 2015. Indian Panorama-which captures every essence of all the states along with various superlatives. World Panorama-which captures every essence of all the countries along with various superlatives. Sectional Mindmaps-which presents the structure of each of the sections in a graphical pattern. Most Famous People of All Time-of India/ world. English Language-captures the basic definitions and rules of Grammar, Parts of Speech, etc. along. with day-to-day useful Idioms, phrases, words, foreign words and confusing words.Aptitude-highlighting the various things we should work on to build our aptitude.25+ Analytical Articles-capturing the hottest of the issues of 2015.Coming Up 2016-capturing the events to come and what to expect in 2016.Content1 - 21 Years Csat Topic-Wise Solved Papers (1995-2015) History Of India 1. Ancient History 2. Medieval History 3. Modern History 4. Indian National Movement Geography 1. Physical Geography 2. World Political Geography 3. Geography Of India 4. Agriculture Indian Polity And Governance 1. Constitution 2. Political System 3. Panchayati Raj & Public Policy 4. Judiciary & Right Issues Economic Social Development 1. Structure Of The Indian Economy 2. Planning And Economic Development 3. Agriculture In The National Economy 4. Indian Industries 5. The Tertiary Sector In The Indian Economy General Science 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Ecology, Biodiversity & Climate Change Mental Ability & Management Ability 1. Mental Ability, Analytical & Logical Reasoning 2. Arithmetic 3. Geometry & Mensuration 4. Permutation, Combination & Probability 5. Time And Distance 6. Data Interpretation 7. General Comprehension 8. English Language (Comprehension) 9. Interpersonal Skills, Communication & Decision Making General Knowledge 1. World Panorama 2. Indian Panorama 3. Sports And Games Current Affairs 1. International 2. National 3. Sports And Games 4. Trends In Science And Technology Book 2 - The Mega Yearbook 2016 Part A - Current Affairs Part B - General Knowledge


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