Franklin GMAT Vocab Builder: 4507 GMAT Words for High GMAT Score: Free Download CD# 1 of 22 CDs of GMAT Vocabulary(Paperback)

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Franklin GMAT Vocab Builder 4507 GMAT Words For High GMAT Score FREE Download CD #1 of 22 CDs of GMAT Vocabulary Product Description This GMAT Prep Book contains all the 4507 words, meanings, and for most words, memorable sentence fragments exactly as used in Franklin Vocab Builder Audio Program. The words are given in bold (example, the words belabor and buttress below). The meaning is given after the equal sign (=) following a word. The words are not necessarily in alphabetical order. We have used the US spellings. The British spelling of a word, when different from the US spelling, is given in bracket after BRITISH as shown for the word belabor below. USE gives a sentence fragment carefully chosen for memory. When no sentence fragment is given, a * is shown as in the word buttress below. belabor (BRITISH = belabour) = to assail verbally, to insist repeatedly or harp on USE = belabor a point buttress = support USE = * Why is vocabulary so very important on the GMAT test? Vocab is so important for the GMAT test because, for most people, it is more difficult to memorize vocabulary than to improve math skills. So if you can memorize the required GMAT words (which others find difficult) you can get high GMAT score. FREE Download CD #1 of 22 Download the CD #1, use it and experience how quickly you can learn and remember words. FREE Kindle Book When you buy the paperback now, you'll be able to get the Kindle edition for free. Free Preview and Money Back Guarantee You can download a free preview of this book. Or, you can borrow it free (if you are member of Amazon Prime). Or, better yet, buy it now because it is really good and because it is offered with 100% money back guarantee.


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