GRE Vocabulary Flashcards 3.0: 3859 GRE Words with Audio(Paperback)

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#1 Biggest Time-Wasting, Failure-Causing Advice Given by Well Meaning Teachers, Friends, and Even ParentsThe mistaken advice is this: Learn 10 new words daily and you'll know 3650 words in one year. The advice simply does not work because here is the fact: while most people are capable of learning 10 new words a day, but everybody forgets them within a week and many forget within 24 hours. Other versions of the same advice includes use 10 flashcards day, use a dictionary, read English novels, etc. Important: Please note that it is not your fault because it is the nature of the human mind. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards 3.0 is 3rd Generation Flashcards. 1st Generation Flashcards 1.0 - Paper flashcards You can select the flashcards of words you don't know and focus more on them Cumbersome to properly time your repetition. Paper flashcards are now obsolete for all practical purposes, but many students still use them. 2nd Generation Flashcards 2.0 - Computer-based simple flashcards For over 30 years, computer-based flashcards looked like flashcards but on screen. Limited in effectiveness. 3rd Generation Flashcards 3.0 - Customized online vocab with audio with all the benefits of flashcards and advanced timing control for spaced repetition, with your learning history kept secure online for learning anywhere on mobile, PC, pad New and most powerful. Automatically available with your mobile phone, PC, pad. Learn whenever you get a little time free. Uses logic to show the words you need to review just in time for maximum memory. You end us revising hard words more frequently and easy words less so. Memorize 3 times faster, cutting your training time to 1/3 of normal. One or 2 Meanings with Short and Memorable Sentence Fragments You don't get 3 or 5 or 10 meanings and sentences that are impossible to remember (a dictionary is better if you want to do PhD on some aspects of words). You get short and memorable sentence fragments, so you can remember faster and better. Here are some examples (please notice how easily memorable the sentence fragments are): euphoria = elation, feeling of well-being or happiness USE = in a state of euphoria evade = to avoid USE = don't evade taxes excerpt = selection from a book, extract USE = excerpt of a new book illicit = unlawful, illegal USE = illicit liquor de facto = actual USE = de facto standard (Not full sentence) draconian = harsh USE = draconian laws prodigy = a person with extraordinary ability or talent USE = a child prodigy eke = to add to, supplement USE = to eke out a living Herculean = powerful, large USE = a Herculean task pyrrhic = a battle won with unacceptable losses USE = a pyrrhic victory Makes a Great Gift for Students Many parents and grand parents give it as a gift.


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