Math Word Problems for the GRE: When Plugging Numbers Into Formulas Just Isn't Enough(Paperback)

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Getting a top score on the quantitative section of the GRE requires far more than plugging numbers into formulas. Students must apply their mathematical skills to convoluted word problems that test their ability to read clearly, interpret quickly, and determine the optimal plan of attack. Most importantly, you must be ready for the typical tricks and traps that the test writers use over and over again to snag unsuspecting students. This publication presents the hardest, trickiest, most convoluted word problems you are likely to see on the GRE - and shows you how to tackle each one quickly and confidently. We will test your knowledge (and speed) for every topic from addition to probability, including all of those annoying word problems involving mixtures, age, rates, and geometry. To ace the GRE, you will need to master math word problems. This book will help you fill in the gaps and solve "killer" problems without breaking a sweat.


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