NDA/ NA 11 years Topic- wise Solved Papers (2006- 2016)(Paperback)

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About The Book"NDA/ NA 11 year Topic-wise Solved Papers (2006 - 2016) consists of last 11 years (both April and August papers) from 2006 - 2016 solved papers of Mathematics and General Ability Test distributed into 57 topics. In all there are 22 Question papers (2006 April - 2016 August). The paper I - Mathematics is distributed into 24 topics whereas the Paper II General Ability Test is divided into 2 parts - English and General Knowledge. English is divided into 9 topics whereas General Knowledge is divided into 7 Units - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Polity, Geography and General Awareness, which are further divided into 24 topics.The book contains 5800 MCQ's from the above 22 Question papers. The Mathematics section contains 2600+ MCQ's whereas the General Ability section contains 3200 MCQ's.The strength of the book lies in the originality of its question papers and Errorless Solutions. The solution of each and every question is provided in detail (step-by-step) so as to provide 100% concept clarity to the students."Content 2016 August Solved Paper2016 April Solved Paper2015 August Solved Paper2015 April Solved Paper2014 August Solved Paper2014 April Solved Paper2013 August Solved Paper2006 April - 2013 April Solved Papers distributed into following topics:Paper 1: Mathematics1. Set, Relation, Function and and Number System2. Polynomial, Quadratic Equation & Inequalities3. Sequence and Series4. Complex Numbers5. Binomial Theorem, Mathematical Induction6. Permutation and Combination7. Cartesian Coordinate System, Straight Line8. Pair of Straight Lines9. Circles10. Conics Parabola, Ellipse & Hyperbola11. Trigonometry: Ratio & Identity, Trigonometric Equation12. Properties of Triangle, Inverse Trigonometric Function13. Height & Distances14. Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability15. Derivative16. Application of Derivatives17. Indefinite Integration18. Definite Integration & its applications19. Differential Equation20. Matrices and Determinants21. Probability and Probability Distribution22. Vectors23. 3DGeometry24. StatisticsPAPER II: GENERAL ABILITY TESTPART A ENGLISH1. Synonyms2. Antonyms3. Fill in the Blanks4. Spotting Errors5 Sentence Improvement6 Selecting Words/Phrases7 Ordering of Sentences8 Ordering of Words in a Sentence9 ComprehensionPART B GENERAL KNOWLEDGEUNIT I: PHYSICS1 Properties of Matter2 Mechanics3 Heat & Thermodynamics4 Wave5 Optics6 Electricity & Magnetism7 Modern PhysicsUNIT II: CHEMISTRY8 Basic concepts of Chemistry, Atomic Structure9 Carbon and different forms, Carbon dioxide10 Chemistry of Metals & Non Metals11 Some important Chemical Compounds12 Acids, Bases and Salts, Oxidation and Reduction.UNIT III: BIOLOGY13 Botany14 ZoologyUNIT IV: HISTORY15 Ancient India16 Medieval India17 Modern India18 World HistoryUNIT V: GEOGRAPHY19 Physical & World Geography20 Geography of IndiaUNIT VI: INDIAN POLITY21 Indian Polity22 Indian EconomyUNIT VII: GENERAL AWARENESS23 General Knowledge24 Current Affairs"


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