Objective Physics for NEET 2017(Paperback)

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About The BookContents1. Units and Measurements2. Motion in One Dimension3. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions4. Laws of Motion5. Work, Energy and Power6. Rotational Motion & Moment of Inertia7. Gravitation8. Properties of Matter9. Oscillations10. Waves and Wave Optics11. Heat and Thermodynamics12. Transference of Heat13. Electrostatics14. Current Electricity15. Electromagnetic Waves16. Magnetic Effects of Electric Currents17. Magnetism18. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current19. Ray Optics20. Wave Optics21. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation22. Electron Devices23. Communication Systems24. Kinetic Theory of Gases25. Radioactivity26. Nuclear Physics27. Experimental Skills28. Mechanical Properties of Solids29. Mechanical Properties of Fluids30. Thermal Properties of Matter31. Electric Charges and Field, Capacitance32. Magnetism & Matter33. Atoms34. Semiconductor ElectronicsChapter-Wise Solved Papers (2004-2014) Units and Measurements Electromagnetic Waves Motion in One Dimension Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of ElectricCurrents Motion in Two and Three Dimensions Laws of Motion Electromagnetic Induction and AlternatingCurrent Work, Energy and Power Ray Optics Rotational Motion & Moment of Inertia Wave Optics Gravitation Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Properties of Matter Electron Devices Oscillations Kinetic Theory of Gases Waves and Wave Optics Radioactivity Heat and Thermodynamics Nuclear Physics Transference of Heat Electric Charges and Field, Capacitance Electrostatics Atoms Current Electricity Semiconductor ElectronicsPractice Papers Practice Paper 1 Practice Paper 2 Practice Paper 3Solved Papers CBSE-AIPMT 2015 NEET 2016 (Phase I) NEET 2016 (Phase II)


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