Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced(Paperback)

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About the bookThis is the thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the book Problems in Organic Chemistry for AIPMT, BITSAT, JEE Main & Advanced.A unique book that provides selected problems for competitive exams specially IIT-JEE. The book would be useful for both Engineering and Medical aspirants.Organic Chemistry covers around 35-40% of the questions asked in AIPMT, JEE Main or JEE Advanced. The book has been thoroughly revised and updated with new problems.The book aims at developing concepts through Problem Solving. Detailed solutions are provided to each and every question which brings out concept clarity among students.The book contains 14 chapters. Each chapter contains 2 levels of Exercises in each of the chapters. Level - I builds solid foundation which helps in solving tough problems ahead. Level - II takes you to a level at par with JEE, where mind starts solving tough problems only by relying on the basic concepts. The sole aim of the book is to develop concepts through problems. Problems have been fabricated keeping in mind the examiners view point for the particular concepts and the current examination patterns. Reaction Mechanism is the focus of the book and questions have been developed in such a way that reactions will be revised throughout the book.Table Of ContentsChapter 1 : The Living WorldChapter 2 : Nomenclature of Organic compounds Chapter 3 : ISOMERISM Chapter 4 : REACTION MECHANISM (General Organic Chemistry) Chapter 5 : ACID & BASE Chapter 6 : HYDROCARBON (Alkane, Alkene & Alkyne) Chapter 7 : ALKYL HALIDE & GRIGNARD'S REAGENT Chapter 8 : ALCOHOL, ETHER, EPOXIDE & GRIGNARD'S REAGENT Chapter 9 : ALDEHYDE & KETONE Chapter 10 : CARBOXYLIC ACID & ITS DERIVATIVES Chapter 11 : AMINES Chapter 12 : BIOMOLECULES Chapter 13 : AROMATIC CHEMISTRY Chapter 14 : PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Chapter 15 : PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS


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