Radiology Review Manual(Paperback)

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About the Book :Contents :About the Author Preface Table of Contents Abbreviations Acronyms & Mnemonics Drawings Tables MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Differential Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Disorders Universal Differential Diagnosis Diagnostic Gamut of Bone Disorders Limping Child Delayed Bone Age Bone Sclerosis Osteopenia Bone Tumor Intraosseous Lesion Dwarfism Limb Reduction Anomalies Bone Overgrowth Periosteal Reaction / Periostitis Bone Trauma Epiphysis Joints Ribs Clavicle Wrist & Hand Shoulder Hip Knee Foot Soft Tissues Fixation Devices Anatomy and Metabolism of Bone Bone Minerals Bone Marrow Hormones Physis Normal Shoulder Joint Anatomy Elbow Carpal Bones Lower Extremity Ankle & Foot Bone and Soft-Tissue Disorders CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Differential Diagnosis of Skull and Spine Disorders Low Back Pain Skull Maxilla and Mandible Craniovertebral Atlas and Axis Spinal Dysraphism Vertebral Body Tumor of Vertebra Sacrum Intervertebral Disk Spinal Cord Musculoskeletal Neurogenic Tumors Spinal Fixation Devices Anatomy of Skull and Spine Foramina of Base of Skull Craniovertebral Junction Meninges of Spinal Cord Biomechanics of Spinal Column Normal Position of Conus Medullaris Skull and Spine Disorders Differential Diagnosis of Brain Disorders Birth Trauma Increased Intracranial Pressure Prolactin Elevation Stroke Transient Ischemic Attack Dementia Trigeminal Neuropathy Classification of CNS Anomalies Degenerative Diseases of Cerebral Hemispheres Vascular Disease of Brain Brain Atrophy Brain Herniation Hypodense Brain Lesions Hyperdense Intracranial Lesions Brain Masses Enhancing Brain Lesions Brain Ventricles Periventricular Region Basal Ganglia Meninges Extraaxial Lesions Posterior Fossa Sella Pineal Gland Brain Anatomy Embryology Scalp Meninges of Brain Classification of Brain Anatomy Pituitary Gland Septum Pellucidum Basal Nuclei Pineal Gland Trigeminal Nerve (V) Facial Nerve (VII) Perihippocampal Fissures Cerebrospinal Fluid Cerebral Vessels Cerebellar Vessels Brain Disorders ORBIT Differential Diagnosis of Orbital and Ocular Disorders Ophthalmoplegia Anopia Orbit Orbital Mass Globe Optic Nerve Lacrimal Gland Anatomy of Orbit Orbit Orbital Connections Globe Optic Nerve Sheath Orbital and Ocular Disorders EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Differential Diagnosis of Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders Facial Nerve Paralysis Ear Sinuses Nose Pharynx Larynx Airways Neck Salivary Glands Thyroid Anatomy and Function of Neck Organs Paranasal Sinuses Ostiomeatal Unit Facial Buttresses Branchial Cleft Development Oropharynx Hypopharynx Larynx Deep Spaces of Suprahyoid Head & Neck Temporal Bone Middle Ear Inner Ear Parotid Gland Thyroid Gland Parathyroid Glands Lymph Nodes of the Neck Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders CHEST Differential Diagnosis of Chest Disorders Pulmonary Hemorrhage Aspiration Pulmonary Disease Associated with Cigarette Smoking Hypersensitivity to Organic Dusts Drug-Induced Pulmonary Damage Disorders with Hepatic and Pulmonary Manifestations Pulmonary Edema Pneumonia Neonatal Lung Disease Congenital Pulmonary Malformation Abnormal Lung Patterns Alveolar (Consolidative) Pattern Interstitial Lung Disease Diffuse Lung Disease on HRCT Pulmonary Nodule / Mass Pneumoconiosis Pulmonary Calcifications Dense Lung Lesions Lucent Lung Lesions Pleura Mediastinum Thymus Trachea & Bronchi Diaphragm Chest Wall Bedside Chest Radiography Anatomy and Function of Lung Airways Pulmonary Circulation Lung Function Mediastinum Thymus Chest Disorders BREAST Differential Diagnosis of Breast Disorders Variations in Breast Development Mammographic Risk Assessment Breast Density Enhancing Lesions on Breast MRI Oval-Shaped Breast Lesions Breast Calcifications Nipple & Skin MRI Enhancement Patterns Practical Approach Mammography Report Breast Anatomy and Mammographic Technique Breast Development Breast Anatomy Mammographic Film Reading Technique Mammographic Technique Breast Disorders HEART AND GREAT VESSELS Differential Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disorders Congenital Heart Disease Shunt Evaluation Cyanotic Heart Disease Acyanotic Heart Disease Pulmonary Vascularity Pulmonary Artery Pulmonary Hypertension Cardiomegaly Acquired Heart Disease Aorta Situs Cardiac Tumor Cardiac Calcifications Pericardium Vena Cava Vasculitis Cardiac Surgery Cardiovascular Anatomy Heart Size Heart Valves Atria Aortic Arch Branching Patterns Anatomy of Aorta Coronary Arteries Pericardium Embryogenesis of Vena Cava Collateral Circulation of Hand Venous System of Lower Extremity Pulsatility Hemoglobin Cardiovascular Disorders LIVER, BILE DUCTS, PANCREAS, AND SPLEEN Differential Diagnosis of Hepatic, Biliary, Pancreatic, and Splenic Disorders Right Upper Quadrant Pain Liver Liver Mass Liver Circulation Gallbladder Bile Ducts Pancreas Spleen Anatomy of Liver, Bile Ducts, Pancreas, and Spleen Liver Bile Ducts Gallbladder Pancreas Spleen Iron Metabolism Disorders of Liver, Biliary Tract, Pancreas, and Spleen GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT Differential Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Disorders Acute Abdomen in Child Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage GI Abnormalities in Chronic Renal Failure and Renal Transplantation Enteropathy Abdominal Mass Abnormal Intraabdominal Air Abdominal Calcifications & Opacities Abnormal Intraabdominal Fluid Mechanical Intestinal Obstruction Ileus Esophagus Stomach Duodenum Small Bowel Cecum Colon Mural Stratification of Intestinal Tract Rectum & Anus Peritoneum Mesentery & Omentum Abdominal Lymphadenopathy Anatomy and Function of Gastrointestinal Tract Gastrointestinal hormones embryology of alimentary tract esophagus Swallowing function Stomach Small bowel intestinal function Peritoneum Gastrointestinal Disorders UROGENITAL TRACT Differential Diagnosis of Urogenital Disorders Renal Failure Diabetes Insipidus Hypercalcemia Polycythemia Arterial Hypertension Arterial Hypotension Urinary Tract Infection Gas in Urinary Tract Retroperitoneum Adrenal Gland Kidney Renal Mass Renal Cystic Disease Abnormal Nephrogram Collecting System Renal Calcification Renovascular Disease Ureter Urinary Bladder Voiding Dysfunction Scrotum Prostate Penis Urethra Calcifications of Male Genital Tract Ambiguous Genitalia Male Infertility Anatomy and Function of Urogenital Tract Urogenital Embryology Sex Development Renal Anatomy Retroperitoneum Renal Hormones Renal Physiology Adrenal Gland Bladder Scrotum Urethra Renal, Adrenal, Ureteral, Vesical, and Scrotal Disorders OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Differential Diagnosis of Obstetric and Gynecologic Disorders General Obstetrics Maternal Serum Screening Amniotic Fluid Volume Abnormal First Trimester Findings Placenta Umbilical Cord Small-for-Gestational Age Fetus (SGA) Fetal Skeletal Dysplasia Fetal CNS Anomalies Fetal Orbital Anomalies Fetal Neck Anomalies Fetal Chest Anomalies Fetal Cardiac Anomalies Fetal Gastrointestinal Anomalies Fetal Urinary Tract Anomalies General Gynecology Pelvic Mass Adnexa Uterus Vagina Gas in Genital Tract Anatomy and Physiology of Female Reproductive System Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Anatomy of Gestation Fetal Mensuration Assessment of Fetal Well-Being Invasive Fetal Assessment Multiple Gestations Uterus


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