Selective Anatomy: Prep Manual for Undergraduates(Paperback)

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About the Book :This book is in question-answer format in 2 volumes. Volume I covers the syllabus of Paper I, while Volume II will deal with the syllabus of Paper II.Interesting Facts : Volume I includes complete syllabus of Paper I General Anatomy, Gross Anatomy (Upper Limb, Head and Neck, and Brain), and related General Histology Contain topics on pectoral region, nerves of the upper limb, deep structures of the neck, central nervous system, cardiovascular and lymphatic system, epithelial glands, connective tissue, oral cavity, skin, superficial fascia and deep fascia Presents the text in question-answer format which helps the student in quick learning and revision Easy to understand, more emphasis on systemize presentation of information and relevant from examination point of view Four-color, easy-to-draw illustrations during examination Tables and flowcharts to facilitate quick learning and greater retention of knowledge Additional information of higher academic value in N.B. to make it more useful and interestingContents :Section I: UPPER LIMB1. Pectoral Region and Axilla 2. Back of the Body and Scapular Region 3. Arm 4. Forearm 5. Hand 6. Vessels of the Upper Limb 7. Nerves of the Upper Limb 8. Joints of the Upper LimbSection II: HEAD AND NECK9. Scalp, Temple, and Face 10. Side, Front, and Back of the Neck 11. Parotid and Submandibular Regions 12. Deep Structures of the Neck and Prevertebral Region 13. Oral Cavity 14. Pharynx and Palate 15. Nose and Paranasal Air Sinuses 16. Larynx 17. Infratemporal Fossa, Temporomandibular Joint, and Pterygopalatine Fossa 18. Ear and Orbit 19. Dural Folds, Intracranial Dural Venous Sinuses, and Pituitary Gland 20. Cranial Nerves 21. Meninges and Cerebrospinal Fluid 22. Spinal Cord Section III: BRAIN23. Overview of Brain and Brainstem 24. Cerebellum and Fourth Ventricle 25. Overview of Cerebrum and Functional Areas 26. Cerebrum 27. Basal Nuclei, Limbic System, and Lateral Ventricle 28. Diencephalon and Third Ventricle Section IV: GENERAL ANATOMY29. Introduction and Anatomical Terminology 30. Skin, Superfi cial and Deep Fasciae 31. Skeletal System 32. Joints 33. Muscles 34. Cardiovascular System 35. Lymphatic System 36. Nervous System Section V: GENERAL HISTOLOGY37. Introduction to Histology 38. Epithelial and Connective Tissues39. Special Connective Tissues 40. Muscle Tissue, Blood Vessels, and Lymphoid Tissue IndexAbout the Author :Vishram Singh, MS, PhD Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Professor-in-Charge, Medical Education Unit, Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad, NCR, Delhi. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Anatomical Society of India. Member, Academic Council and Core Committee, PhD Course, Santosh University; Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Otology; Medicolegal Advisor, ICPS, India; Consulting Editor, ABI, North Carolina, USA. Formerly at: GSVM Medical College, Kanpur; King George's Medical College, Lucknow; Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi (Libya); All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.


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