Sentence Correction For Admission To Foreigh Universities- Gmat\\, Gre & Toefl(Paperback)

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This booklet is intended to teach how to reduce the error that occur in the Sentence Correction Test for Admission to Foreign Universities. It also teaches us how to locate the various types of errors in sentences.The basic rules of Grammer have been explained briefly and systematically. The examples and excercises given in this booklet will make you familiar with the different types of questions and provide you with sufficient practice to use the different techniques for answering each type of question. There is also a practice test to evaluate your progress and make you perfect. Contents CONTENTS: 1. Parts of Speech 2. How To Use Articles Correctly 3. Structure of Varied Sentences 4. Agreement of Verb with Subject 5. Tenses and Parallel Constructions 6. Errors in the Use of Pronouns 7. Misplaced Modifiers 8. Comparatives 9. Errors Relating to Idiomatic Usage Test Paper Sample Chapters (Following is an extract of the content from the book) AN EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK IS AS FOLLOWS: 1. Parts of Speech What are Parts of Speech In English language, certain words acquire different meanings when they are used in different grammatical positions. For example: Ashok was scolded for his bad play. (noun). Ashok played the game well. (verb) In both cases, the meaning of the word, 'play' changes depending upon whether it has been used as a noun (play) or a verb (played). Therefore, the function for which a particular word is used gives it its meaning. The different functions of a word are called the PARTS OF SPEECH. Parts of Speech in English Language The English language, traditionally has eight parts of speech. But in modern grammar, two more have been added. Thus, we have ten parts of speech, which can be categorized as, Group A ? Open - class items, such as: i) Noun - John, room, question, play ii) Adjective - Happy, new, small, round iii) Adverb - Really, quickly, slowly, then, there iv) Verb - Search, play, grow, look, has, be, do Group B ? Closed-system items i) Article - the, a, an ii) Demonstrative - that, this iii) Pronoun - he, they, anybody, one, which iv) Preposition - of, at, in, without, in spite of v) Conjunction - and, when, that, although vi) Interjection - oh, ah, ugh, phew, alas Group A consists of the parts of speech, which grow in numbers and are indefinitely extendable. It is not possible to draw a list of all the nouns in English. New items are constantly being created and added to the list of already existing nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Group B, on the other hand, consists of those items which can't normally be extended by the creation of additional numbers. Parts of Speech and Sentence Correction A sentence is the smallest meaningful unit of a language. The Parts of speech are the elements of a sentence. Very often, it is in these small constituent elements of language that major sentential errors occur. A bottom-up approach to the study of the language can help us to tackle and master the sentence correction section. Therefore, it is essential to break up the language into its smallest constituent parts and try to understand each one of them separately.


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