Study Package for Biology for AIPMT, AIIMS & Other Medical Entrance Exams(Paperback)

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About the Book"Study Package in Biology for AIPMT, AIIMS & other Medical Entrance Exams is the most unique and innovative way to learn Biology. The package has been written by leading faculties involved in the Medical Entrance Coaching. The package is an original work of authors. The whole material has been written with a unique style which focuses on 100% Concept Clarity for the students.* The whole material has been developed on an objective pattern aligned as per the syllabus of class 11 & 12 (NCERT books). The package is a set of 6 booklets (3 for class 11 and 3 for class 12).* The books follow the latest AIPMT syllabus containing 38 chapters in all. * The study package presents the theory in great depth with At a Glance, Well labeled Diagrams, Illustrations, Illustrated pictures, Connecting Concepts, Checkpoints etc so as to provide 100% conceptual clarity to the students.* The study package has been enriched with inclusion of a number of latest and new problems in set of 3 MCQ exercises for practice. The Multiple Choice Questions are simple MCQ's, Diagram/ picture based MCQ's, Matching based MCQ's, Statement based MCQ's etc.* The first exercise is completely based on the NCERT book. * The second exercise presents a window to competitive exams, where questions of past years of the leading medical exams are covered. * The third exercise is ""TEST YOURSELF"" which is a collection of best questions for practice. * The explanations to the selected questions of the third exercise are provided immediately at the end of each chapter. * The package is a must for every Medical aspirant. It is set of the most student friendly books for Biology."ContentsPART I *CLASS 11BOOKLET 1Unit I *Diversity in the Living WorldChapter 1. The Living WorldChapter 2. Biological ClassificationChapter 3. Plant KingdomChapter 4. Animal KingdomUnit II*Structural Organization in Plants & AnimalsChapter 5. Morphology of Flowering PlantsChapter 6. Anatomy of Flowering PlantsChapter 7. Structural Organization in AnimalsBOOKLET 2Unit III -Cell: Structure & FunctionsChapter 8. Cell: The Unit of LifeChapter 9. Bio moleculesChapter 10. Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionUnit IV -Plant PhysiologyChapter 11. Transport in PlantsChapter 12. Mineral NutritionChapter 13. Photosynthesis in Higher PlantChapter 14. Respiration in PlantsBOOKLET 3Chapter 15. Plant Growth and DevelopmentUnit V *Human PhysiologyChapter 16. Digestion and AbsorptionChapter 17. Breathing and Exchange of GasesChapter 18. Body Fluids and CirculationChapter 19. Excretory Products and their EliminationChapter 20. Locomotion and MovementChapter 21. Neural Control and CoordinationChapter 22. Chemical Coordination and IntegrationPART II *CLASS 12BOOKLET 4Unit VI *ReproductionChapter 1. Reproduction in OrganismsChapter 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsChapter 3. Human ReproductionChapter 4. Reproductive HealthUnit VII *Genetics & EvolutionChapter 5. Principles of Inheritance and VariationBOOKLET 4Chapter 6. Molecular Basis of InheritanceChapter 7. EvolutionUnit VIII *Biology in Human WelfareChapter 8. Human Health and DiseaseChapter 9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionBOOKLET 6Chapter 10. Microbes in Human WelfareUnit IX *Biotechnology Chapter 11. Biotechnology: Principles and ProcessesChapter 12. Biotechnology and its ApplicationsUnit X *EcologyChapter 13. Organisms and PopulationsChapter 14. EcosystemsChapter 15. Biodiversities and ConservationChapter 16. Environmental Issues"


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