The Magic of Vedic Mathematics(Paperback)

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About the bookVEDIC MATHEMATICS FOR ALL-Each page of this book is designed to gradually decrease the fear of numbers and mathematics from the mind of the readers, increase their interest and competence in these, and boost confidence in the capacity of their minds. As they learn each new technique of Vedic Maths, their speed and accuracy of calculating numbers and solving sums enhances, and their dependance on calculators and computers decreases. Each chapter introduces new techniques illustrated by several solved examples in a simple easy-to-understand manner suitable for readers of all age-groups.ContentsCheck Your Speed and Accuracy; Introduction; Vedic Sutras and Sub-Sutras; Effortless Multiplications; Magical Squares; Painless Cubes; Friendly Division; Square & Cube Roots; Out of Box Methods; Unforgettable Dates and Calendar; Tips for Competitive Exams; General & Linear Equations; Test Papers for Practice; Solutions


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