Upkar's Trained Graduate Teacher Recruitment Test Science- I Physics, Chemistry(Paperback)

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ContentPrevious Year's Solved PaperPhysics1. Measurement and Kinematics2. Mechanics3. Wave Motion and Sound4. General Properties of Matter in Bulk State5. Heat6. Light7. Electricity8. Electromagnetism9. Electron Physics10. Radiation and Atomic Physics11. Nuclear StructureChemistryGeneral Chemistry1. Structure of Atom2. Chemical Bond3. Radioactivity4. Electrochemistry5. Oxidation and Reduction6. Gaseous State of Matter7. Volumetric and Qualitative AnalysisPhysical Chemistry1. Chemical Equilibrium2. Ionic Equilibrium3. Solution4. Catalyst5. Colloidal-State6. Thermochemistry and Chemical-ThermodynamicsInOrganic Chemistry1. Periodic Table and Periodic Properties2. Hydrogen and Its Compounds3. Alkali-Metals (I A Group Elements)4. Alkaline Earth Elements (II A Group Elements)5. III A Group Elements6. IV A Group Elements7. V A Group Elements8. VI A Group Elements9. VII A Group Elements10. Zero Group Elements (Inert Gases)11. Transition ElementsOrganic Chemistry1. Purification of Organic Compounds2. Detection and Estimation of Elements3. Isomerism4. Reaction Mechanism5. Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds6. Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Alkyl Halides7. Ethers and Alcohols8. Aldehydes and Ketones9. Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives10. Carbohydrates11. Our Food and its Constitution12. Aromatic Compounds? Assess Yourself? Glossary? Answers (Assess Yourself)


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