UPSC Pre: Indian History(Paperback)

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Table of Contents 1. Ancient Indian History The Prehistoric Period Harrapan Civilisation The Vedic Civilisation Religious Movements (6th Century B.C) The Rise Of The Magadha Kingdom (600 To 300 BC) The Mauryan Empire (325 BC - 183 BC) Post - Mauryan (200 BC- 300 AD) The Sangamage Gupta Empire (320- 550 AD) Post - Gupta Period (550- 750 AD) India During 300- 700 A.D2. Medieval Indian History (1- 138) Early Medieval India Delhi Sultanate Vijayanagar and Bahamani Empire Society, Culture and Religion ( 1200- 1526) Regional Centres of Power Mughal Empire Mughal Administration Economy Mughal Society, Culture and Religion The Marataage Modern Indian History (1-1882) Eighteenth Century's India Advent of The Europeans and Ascendance of British3. Administration and Economy under the Company Rule (1757-1857) Early Uprising, Revolt of 1857 and British Policies after 1857 5The Indian Renaisance 6Indian National Congress Rise of Indian Nationalism 8Peasant and Trade Union Movements Development of Education and The Indian Press Gandhianera (1917-1947) Towarda Freedom Governor Generals And Viceroys Some Important Informations


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