Manali Sharma a Jaipurite Became an ISRO Scientist

A Rajasthani daughter has been appointed as a scientist at ISRO. Indian Space Research Organization has appointed Manali Sharma, a Jaipur resident, as a scientist. The former president of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, is the ideal for Manali. It has been Dr. Kalam's Four Rules of Success that have greatly influenced Manali's career path. For her success, Manali gives credit to her father Mr. Lokesh Sharma. He works as an Assistant Secretary at the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Educated in Jaipur, Manali Sharma has always had a dream of becoming a scientist. A Bachelor of Science was earned by Manali after she finished her studies at Maharani College in Jaipur, Rajasthan University. A post-graduation degree in Mathematics was obtained by Manali from Rajasthan University.  An M.Phil in Mathematics was also completed at the same university by Manali.

Moreover, Manali also got success in the UGC NET test. She was ranked 96th overall. While taking the GATE exam, she achieved the 161st ranking all over India. During her Ph.D. at Rajasthan University, Manali took the ISRO exam and passed it.

According to Manali, Vikram Sarabhai and former President APJ Abdul Kalam have greatly influenced her. The Four Rules of Success by Dr. Kalam have inspired her greatly. Manali claims that their wish is to keep learning new things and to keep advancing with all of their might and determination. Asha Sharma, Manali's mother, is a housewife. Naitik Sharma brother of Manali Sharma is an MSc student.