Rajathan to get 4th Vande Bharat Train,to run between Jaipur- Chandigarh

Rajasthan to get 4th Vande Bharat train, to run between Jaipur-Chandigarh 

The Indian Railways has announced the fourth Vande Bharat Express train for Rajasthan, which will run between Jaipur to Chandigarh.

Jaipur-Chandigarh vande bharat train 2023

3 Vande Bharat Train of Rajasthan 

  • Ajmer - Delhi Vande Bharat Express  (12 April 2023)
  • Jodhpur - Sabarmati (Ahmedabad) Vande Bharat Express (07 July 2023)
  • Jaipur to Udaipur Vande Bharat Express (15 August 2023)

Rajasthan all vande bharat train 2023

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