Sign Language Day 2022

 When is the International Day of Sign Language Observed?

September 23 was declared International Day of Sign Languages by the United Nations General Assembly. International sign language day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of sign language. 2018 marked the first year of the celebration. In 1951, the World Federation of the Deaf was founded on this date which is why the International Day of Sign Language is celebrated on 21 September.

How to Say "Sorry" in Sign Language?

Take your fist and place it right over your heart. The fist should be rubbed a few times in a circular motion.

Show your sincere regret by expressing it with your facial expression. A person's heart feels sorry when they are sorry. Remember the sign by using this cue.

Sorry in Sign Language
How to Say "Thank You" in Sign Language?

Taking your dominant hand to your chin and moving it slightly down and toward the person you are speaking to is the sign of "Thank You" or "Thanks".

Thank You in Sign Language
How to Say "Hello" in Sign Language?

You can sign "hello" by placing your hand on your forehead close to your ear and moving it away from your body for a few seconds. Keep a smile on your face!

Hello in Sign Language
How to Say "I Love You" in Sign Language?

In this case, you are saying "I love you" in a more formal way - as you would when talking to a parent, child, or loved one.

Place your finger over your heart and point to yourself. The second step is to make fists and cross your arms over your heart. It's like hugging someone. The third step is to point at the person you're speaking to.

I Love You in Sign Language