Top Government Scientist: Covid Will Become Endemic By March 11

As of March 11, Covid will become endemic in India, according to Samiran Panda, Head of the Epidemiological Department at the Indian Council of Medical Research. He said that if no new variants emerge and we don't let our guards down, Covid would become endemic by March 11. Omicron will eventually replace Delta as the dominant variant, and if there is no new variant catching up, it is possible that Covid will also become endemic. According to our mathematical projections, Omicron waves are expected to last three months beginning December 11. The situation will improve starting March 11. We must wait two more weeks before we can say if Delhi and Mumbai have reached their peaks in Covid outbreaks and if the worst is over. It is impossible to establish such a trend in just a few days," Mr Samiran said.
Although there have been fewer cases and more positives [in Delhi and Mumbai], we cannot prove it just yet. Approximately 80:20 of Delhi's Coronaviruses are Omicron variants and 20 percent are Delta variants, according to Panda. The pandemic has reached different stages in different countries, and the ICMR has adjusted its testing strategy to cope with variation in the virus epidemiology and a change in the way the pandemic develops. ICMR officials made clear that the agency has never asked states to limit testing. Our requests have always been to direct and purposefully target testing. Pandemics often change their characteristics, so testing and management strategies must as well. In order to send the right message, Samiran Panda said the guidelines on home testing should be available in local languages.
Genome sequencing is a dynamic process, according to him. But sequencing genomic data on a dead body is a simplistic approach to understanding if he had Omicron. There are many conditions that cause patients to die. Molnupiravir is not included in Covid guidelines for pregnant women, lactating women, and children, he said, dismissing speculation there is a division between ICMR and DCGI. He added, "Molnupiravir can be prescribed to unvaccinated patients, but there are no guidelines for administering it to children and pregnant women." This is the reason it's not included in the protocol."