Tuition - Gujarati TV Series is a Must Watch Show If You Want to Revisit Your School Days

Gujarati TV Series Tuition is the perfect way to reminisce about school life. Another OHO Original series has been released on OHO Gujarati, a Gujarati content streaming platform. 'The first love story' unveils bittersweet emotion.

Dhairya Thakkar and Sohni Bhatt play the lead characters in Tuition, a love story developed at first sight between them. This is a story about first love, an everlasting heartbreak, and how love can dramatically alter lives. The story is set in the 90s, and when the protagonist Hardik meets Swati at an all-boys tuition center, she falls in love at first sight. Being loved for the first time teaches him the true meaning of love, not only in an enjoyable way but also in a painful way.

The episodes showcase the sweet-bitter love story in a heartwarming way with titles - Attraction, Integration, Expansion, Differentiation & Probability. According to Abhishek Jain, Co-founder of OHO Gujarati, discussing the latest release, Tuition, an OHO Original, we've all experienced love at first sight, which is also our first love. The premise of the series is to illustrate how fate affects the young lovers and how love impacts each individual, in hopes of triggering memories of one's first love and rekindling those fond memories."

Some Details About Tuition TV Series (Gujrati): -

Tuition TV Series (Gujrati) Directed By: Pratik Parmar

Tuition TV Series (Gujrati) Witten by: Keshwala Dev

Star Cast of Tuition TV Series (Gujrati): Sohni Bhatt, Dhariya Thakkar, Jay Vithalani, Nilesh Parmar, Kavan Patel, Jignaba Rana, Uday Sevak

Where You Can Watch Tuition TV Series (Gujrati): OHO Gujrati