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About us

About Techniajz:

The Techniajz.com website focuses primarily on the educational needs of students who wish to pursue permanent employment in government. At Techniajz, we are fiercely committed to preserving our students' interests above all else. In keeping our students happy, we promise to work hard and entrust you our trust. The content on this website is taken from publicly available sources. We do not claim to be experts.

Techniajz is the Brain Child of our leading Web Developers. Techniajz offers both educational content as well as custom software programming. Providing information on the best Coaching Institutes and Competitive Examination Books in Rajasthan, Techniajz is an educational website that also publishes quality blog content on various topics. As the first step toward achieving success on any examination, we aim to provide information about the best coaching institutes according to the requirements of students. The majority of our services are free and we also do not collect any personal information or data from our users. Subscribing to our newsletter will ensure that you don't miss any updates from us.


Techniajz offers the following services:

Find Best Coaching Institute in Rajasthan:

Our services help you narrow down your search for a Coaching Institute that is most suitable for you based on your requirements. You can find the best coaching institute according to your requirements in Rajasthan to help you prepare for government job openings in India and Rajasthan. To find Coaching on Techniajz, visit or sign-in at https://www.techniajz.com and click on Find Coaching. In this section, you either use the course name or the coaching institute name to find an institute, or you can select the city where you would like to study.

Find Books for Various Examinations:  

Techniajz also provides information about new and updated books for various competitions. Therefore, you will be able to choose your books easily for a specific exam. Techniajz makes it easy to find books, all you need to do is visit https://www.techniajz.com sign in, and then click the Find Books tab. You can enter the name of the book here, or simply enter the examination name, and the system will display all the books related to your search, from which you can select the one you are seeking.

A Variety of Blogs to Read:

There are multiple categories from which to choose a blog. We provide you with knowledge-based content through our blog. Our Techniajz Blog posts keep you updated on multiple topics ranging from Health, Education, Entertainment, Sports, Motivation, Smartphones and Laptops, to General Awareness and much more. You can simply visit Blogs (techniajz.com) and choose what you want to read. Our Techniajz Blog provides well-written and technically sound content. The content on this website is taken from publicly available sources. We do not claim to be experts. There is a wide variety of content written so everyone can learn something from it.

Techniajz Image Resizer:

The Image Resizer is one of the latest offerings from Techniajz. It allows users to modify the image size as per their needs. You can use this service to resize any image without compromising its quality, no matter how wide or tall you want it to be. This free tool from Techniajz "Image Resizer" is fast, easy and completely free. It's extremely simple to use. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the image. Also, you can change the image width. In addition, you can alter the image quality. To use this function, you can visit Resize any image online (techniajz.com)

Website Development:

At Techniajz we also provide a web development service. This service includes Website Development, Mobile Application Development etc. Among the services we offer at Techniajz is website development, which is a paid service. Moreover, we create new websites and manage existing ones according to the client's specifications. For this purpose, you can contact us at – info.techniajz@gmail.com


Our Leadership Team

Kalyani Sharma (Kullu)


Nirmal Raj Singh Rathore (Banna)

Content Writer

Govind Prajapat (Gipizz)

Senior Developer

Anita Joshi (Annaz)


Soniya Prajapat (Soni)

Web Designer

Akhilesh Joshi (AJ)

FULL Stack Developer

Suraj Singh

Senior Developer

Shushil Sharma


Sanjay Prajapat

UI/UX Designer

Ganesh Kumavat

Front-end Developer

Antim Songara

Web Developer

Mukesh Majoka

Web Developer

Manish Soni

Front-end Developer

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